Thursday, August 22, 2013

Hot Pants - Still Kicky (Part 2)

Yippee!  Hot Pants again!  Last time we looked at Hot Pants, we entered some kind of weird time travel loop where the past wrote the future and the future wrote about the past!  You can blame Aldens catalog for that with their "Hot Pants - Kicky" theme.  So now we venture into the breech once more with offerings from the other Big Books.  What adventures in Hot Pant-ness await this time?

Yippee! Kathy in some stylish blue hot pants ensemble from Spiegel.  Definitely a groovy blast from the past that is still mod looking in the present!  You gotta love the white go-go boots and nifty knit hat!    I'm not sure what Karen is wearing.  Those are pants, but with animal prints on them, they are definitely not "hot". Based on her expression, perhaps she just came out of a time travel loop from a previous post?

So Spiegel started us off pretty good.  However, I bet JCP and Sears had some "kicky" hot pants also!

Yippee again! Kay in hot pants, and knit ones to boot!  Speaking of "boots", it looks like the model on the left lost most of hers!  
Yippee again!  Here,we have Shelley Hack in "short shorts" and a halter.  While short shorts probably deserve to classified in their own category, I'm not sure it is worth quibbling about.

In the mid-70s, short shorts were not just reserved for the "Juniors' section. Oh no, no, no!  Here Joan McMonagle and Joanne Vitelli model some really classy shorts!

Well, those are short pants. However, they are pushing the edge as to what can be considered "hot pants" or "short shorts".   Perhaps here we have an example of that transition in fashion trends where the short shorts begin to fall way to longer shorts. (Sigh, not all fashion developments were for the better, unfortunately).

Okay, okay, Kathy is in a smashing outfit that kinda of looks like a uniform and not in hot pants.  What gives?  Well Karen is wearing hot pants, so well that is close enough.  Besides Kathy is still kicky hot!

Well that about wraps up this edition of Hot Pants - Kicky".  Oh wait, not enough 70s fashion craziness for you?  Not enough bizarro hip and happenin' groovy 70s-ness for you?  Well let's see what we can do about that!

Wow! (Yippee, I guess?). From right to left we have: Karen (in a wig)  in some kinda of German-themed Hot Pants, Kathy (in a wig also) wearing some kind of wild patterned dress, next we have red short shorts (in a nautical theme, no less, complete with white boots/sandals), and finally Karen again wearing something actually fairly lame.  If that doesn't get your 70s fashion freak going nothing will!

Well, anyway, everyone seems to be having a good time.  And isn't that what 70s fashions were all about?

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