Thursday, August 15, 2013

Random Weirdness: 70s Fall Fashion Fun - Part 1!

Well, why not follow up a summer themed post on swimsuits with our first look at 70s Fall Fashions!  I mean is that allowed?  We'll I guess, it's not like anyone is going to stop us!  The Big Book Fall / Winter editions were filled with lots of groovy 70s fashions just like their Sping Summer counterparts.  However, they had to keep it seasonal.  After all, Autumn is a more subdued time of the year compared to summer and everyone had to dress more conservative for back-to-school, so no room  for any 70s Random Weirdness.  Right?

Well, apparently Not!  I'm not sure what those things are on Kathy's dress, but hey, they're kickin' it 70s style for sure!  Kinda looks like a cross between some sort of spacesuit and a Roman centurion's armor -except it's green, and it's corduroy.    Whatever it is, it is perfect for that first day back at class!

Now that's more like it!  Fairly  standard stuff.  Both Kay and Kathy look uber-cute in their Fall short dresses.

Not all the Fall dresses were short.  Here are some examples of some long dresses.  Now I ask you, where in the heck would one wear one of these creations?  Oh I see, the middle one would be perfect for one of those Rennesaince Fairs.  You know, where everyone dresses up in attire from the Middle Ages and talks like Shakespear.  Except normally, good looking woman like these are a rarity at those kind of things (actually women, period, are a rarity at those things).

Not all the Fall back-to-school fashions were dresses, no siree!  Here, Kathy is absolutely dapper (is that an appropriate adjective to describe a woman?) in some kind of odd red long sleeve shirt with red pants complete with stripes, some kind of yellow scarf and a green knit hat. Whew, that is a lot of "Random 70s Weirdness" to absorb with one pic!  Mercifully Karen and the other model (still haven't figured out her name) give us a rest with standard Fall short dresses.

Kathy is really going Randomly Weird with the crazy pants outfits here!  Now she is in something with an ENTIRE landscape printed on her outfit.  Perfect if one is getting homesick for the great outdoors!

Speaking of pants.....

Ahhhhh, (brwing, brwing, brwing, brwing, brwing, brwooong) Crimson and Clover (brwing, brwing, brwing, brwing, brwing, brwooong) over and over!... These two are really grooving in these ensembles! (1) The tagline is great "You're a girl who makes her own kind of music and who likes jumbled-up patterns..."  Huh?!?  Well I guess everyone in the 70s liked jumbled-up patterns - especially when tripping out!  As an additional Randomly Weird 70s bonus, check out the hip footwear and make-love-not-war rope belts!

Man, I gotta take a break from that - too many bad flashbacks.  Let's try to end on something normal, okay?

Oh no, from acid tripping in the early 70s to some kind of faux western wear in the mid 70s.  That's it!  Too much 70s Random Weirdness for me!  Maybe all those 70s summer fashions weren't all that out of line after all!


(1) Sorry for the poor scan quality of this pic.  Sometimes these old catalogs are rather fragile and difficult to get a good scan.  However, in this case I felt the groovy vibe of the material outweighed my limited technological capabilities.

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