Thursday, August 29, 2013

Is That Kathy?

This week we're going to do something a little different.  During the course of my important historical research on the big book catalogs of the early to mid 70s, I have run across a number of images which I cannot positively identify as being Kathy Loghry.

It began back when this blog first began when, during an internet search, I ran across a pic on another site which was labeled as Colleen Corby and Kathy Loghry.  At that time, I didn't have many pics of Kathy and, quite frankly, was sort of running out of pics of her to post.  So imagine my disappointment when I pulled up this pic...

That is Colleen on the left.  However, the blond is definitely NOT Kathy Loghry.  Pretty gal, nice pic, and all, but not her.  I, myself, have misidentified Colleen on a previous post.  People, such sloppiness cannot be tolerated!  After all, this is critically important historical work!  The fashion trends of the 70s must be PROPERLY chronicled.  To not do this thing correctly would  be a great disservice to future generations of historians.

That is why I humbly turn to you, gentle readers, to help me in this endeavor.  I have listed several pics which I cannot positively identify as Kathy.  Please look over them and, if you think a pic is Kathy, please mark the box for that pic on the poll shown on the right (you can make more than one selection).  If you do not think any of these pics are Kathy, please mark the "None are Kathy" box (so I know how many votes are cast).  I will, naturally, add my own comments to each pic.  The poll will run for one week and end on Sept. 5, 2013 at 7:00 PM CDT.

First up is an ad for Lee Jeans....

Typical of these pics, we do not have a clear shot of the face and there is a hat which hinders identification. Further, I haven't found any other pics of Kathy in Lee Jeans ads.  Still the face does kinda look like her.  I give this one a 50% chance.

Next up is a JCP catalog pic from 1971....

At first glance, one may not think this is Kathy (gal on the upper right).  However, Kathy wore her hair in that length and style in other pics from the same catalog.   I'm actually fairly certain that this is Kathy but need more confirmation.  I'm giving this one a 75% chance of being Kathy.  As a bonus, the gal on the left may be Karen?

Next up is a pic from a Sears catalog.....

Such a serious look!  "Adventure in Fashion" indeed!  Of course what we are serious about is "Is That Kathy". This one I'm not too sure about.  Once again we do not have a clear shot of the face and there is  head gear present to further complicate identification.  There are also several other catalog models that could fit this profile.  I give this one only 25%.

The next one is more of a long shot...

Yep, that is Shelley Hack on the right, no doubt (nice hat).  However, the blond?  Is that Kathy?  Once more, a profile shot only and a hat makes our job difficult.  I only give this one 10%.

Finally a REAL long shot, but if it is Kathy, what a historical find!

The gal on the left is one in question.  This was labeled as being from a 1963 Montgomery Wards catalog.  If that date is correct, then Kathy would be way too young.  Unless, unless, she started to model at a much younger age than previously thought.  If that is true, wow, what a find!  It would completely upend the accepted timeline of her career!  It would be a game changer!  Of course the date could be in error also. Still, I'm giving this less than 5% chance.

So please give me your feedback and vote!  Of course, if you know positively about any of these, pelase feel free to comment!


  1. In pic #3 the girl on the left is indeed Karen. (You identified Kathy correctly too.)

    Pic #4 is Joyce Ingalls.

    Pic #5 looks like Susan Blakely (not sure, though).

    And pic #6 is almost certainly Wendy Hill. I don't think I've ever seen a pic of her from so early in the Sixties.

    1. Thanks for the feedback! I didn't think the last two were Kathy, but you never know.

  2. Yeah I agree with the above poster, the black and white photo is definitely Kathy, but I don't think any of the others are. I would love to see a photo of her now!

    1. Yep, that seems to be the general consensus. I was kinda reaching on some of them, oh well. As far as a current pic of her, I haven't located one yet.

    2. I know Kathy and will try and take a picture. She swims each day most of the year and could model a bikini today.

  3. The model in yellow on the right in the Woman's Day shot is Shelley Hack. And I agree that the model on left in the final photo on this post is NOT Kathy Loghry. She does look like Wendy Hill.

    - Chip Coffey

    1. Thanks for your feedback! Everyone seems to agree with yo on teh last pic being Wendy. Still it is a pretty awesome find!

  4. Any more pictures of Kathy? Looking for magazine covers. Brides, Italian Vogue

    1. I haven't had much luck with finding pics of Kathy from magazines. I'm still looking for that Bride's magazine she was in. I'll keep trying!!