Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Models Behaving Badly - Part 1: The Men

Gentle readers.  It is was great trepidation that I ask you to view the following photos.  Please understand that I do not post these for mere salaciousness nor for cheap puerile titillation.  No, never!  Indeed it pains me greatly to even broach this most disturbing aspect of human behavior - men behaving badly.  Oh the horror, THE HORROR!

I don't know what is more disturbing - the guy totally scamming these sweet, unsuspecting ladies or the fact that Larry the Lobster WASN'T some innocent victim of hunger-crazed models (see header pic and last year's post).  No, no, no. After I acquired the rest of this series on "Great Moments in Sportswear", I realized Larry was the perpetrator and that our models were simply recoiling from his lecherous advances!

For example.....

Dear me.  Here we have some totally creepy douchebagy guy using binoculars from, oh let's say all of 5 feet, to check out Colleen, Karen, and Kathy.  You can almost sense the uncomfortableness in their body language.  It's like they are thinking "Okay, geez, can we just get this shot over with already!" or "My agent is going to hear about this!" or "I hope they don't put some lame sub-header on this like us being a 'ship shape crew' or anything".  

Surely, dear readers, it simply can't get any worse......

It can and it does!  Can these guys be any more obvious?  Come on man, you have to be a little bit cool when checking things out!  And the sub-header "...and learning that a great backhand isn't the only way to impress someone on the court."  Everyone all together now "GROAN!!"  I mean it is like they went out of their way to be crude.

So these are all human males behaving badly.  Did Larry the Lobster have any other animal friends behaving lecherously towards our dear sweet models??

Yep.  He wasn't alone.  Looks like this guy is trying the "cute and furry" approach to check out these gals. However, based on how he is leaning forward, it looks like he is trying to get a better angle (so to speak). He ought better be careful or he might get clubbed with one of those putters!

As we all know, gophers - while seemingly innocent members of the family rodentia - are traditionally ill-behaved denizens of our nation's golf courses. For example...

Ahh, how cute!  NOT!!!!  Behold the destroyer of all that is good and decent, the corrupter of womanhood, the abomination that causes desolation (at least to golf courses)!  And to combat him, extreme measures must be taken!

Gopher Cong!

Huh?? Why include a pic of Lacey Underall (Cindy Morgan)?  Uhhh, well I can think of a couple of good reasons.  Wait a minute.  Now, your own Blogger Historian has fallen under the spell of men behaving badly. For shame, Michael, for shame!! 

Where, or where, does all this "men behaving badly" inexorably lead??

See what the gopher hath wrought!  The destroyer, the evil one, cackles in his lair at his terrible handiwork!  Those golfer gals in pic 4 should have become "gopher gals" taken care of him when they had the chance!!

"I never slice!"  Could be a self portrait.  Ahhh heck, nothing that a few beers can't fix!  Why fight it?  I guess I'm just another regular guy behaving badly after all.

Hey everyone, Have a great and Happy Thanksgiving!!

Yeah, you there gopher.  We've got our eyes on you!!  Just stay away from our woman folk and be glad you're not a turkey this week!!!!

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