Thursday, November 21, 2013

Scintillating Sleepwear - Part 3: Let's Get Winter Ready!

Now that the chill of winter is descending upon us, it may be a good time and check out how the big book catalogs kept everyone all cozy warm in 70s sleepwear!

And what can chase those winter chills away better than thermals?  Here we have Kay, Karen, and friends looking great and snugly warm!  Let's face it, thermals are timeless winter sleepwear!

I don't know about keeping the winter chill away, but these ladies are certainly heating things up with the long and lean look!  And when anyone mentions Nylon Tricot, the first thing that comes to mind is naturally "fashionably feminine".

Colleen and friends are definitely ready for Old Man Winter in these "winterskin" thermals. "Think Snow" indeed!  They are smoking hot enough to melt any icy blast! 

Looks like these gals are certainly happy to have the warm sleepers!   Yes, of course having beautiful models in sleepwear posed around bar stools in an otherwise completely blank set is so common.  I see it all the time!

"Skirting the Issue"?  I think not!  What I just noticed about catalog sleepwear pics is how similar they tend to be.  You get a quintet or so of smashingly attractive models, set them in various states of repose, have them all face the camera (which is unusual for catalog shots itself) and  presto!, catalog sleepwear pic!

I had to include this pic for one reason and let me state it "I hate it when they had a great shot of Kathy and they did it in BLACK AND WHITE!!!!"  ARRRGGGHHHH!!!  It's enough to make me see red!!

Did I mention red?

So much for the black and white stuff.  We've changed that with some eye-popping red here, and these lovely ladies look VERY ready to face a cold winter night.  But isn't the "true love" reference with the color red more appropriate for Valentine's Day?  My take is that the caption writer was smitten by ALL these gals (and who could blame him?)

"Cozy Cover-Ups" says it all for Kathy and Karen.  These things definitely look warm.  Let the cold winter weather begin!

Program note: As you have probably noticed, I have been posting on Thursdays; however, with Thanksgiving next week, I'm going to publish next week's post on Tuesday.  See you then!


  1. In your "red" pic, that's Charlie's Angel Shelley Hack towering above everyone in the center. Also I have to say that pic #5 (Skirting the Issue) is my favorite pic of Karen. ;-)

    1. Yes that is Shelley Hack. Also, there is Cay Sanderson. The model on the far right was identified as Joyce Ingalls, but it doesn't look like her. Glad I could oblige with your favorite pic of Karen!!

    2. Yes I recognize Cay. She's a favorite of mine. (That's a nice shot of her in the inset.) I can confirm that is indeed Joyce Ingalls on the right. And I'm fairly certain that the blonde in front is Carol Eastman.