Monday, February 17, 2014

Aldens Catalog R.I.P.

This post is dedicated to an American institution that, unfortunately, is no longer with us.  That would be Adens Catalog mail order company.  They were great during there day, but, alas, they are no more.....

Aldens has been a rich source of good Kathy pics.  Here is a classic, along with Kay.  WOW, knock my socks off!!

Aldens always had some really hip fashions.  Check out the scarf...

Aldens always had snappy titles.  "LOOK OUT", like yeah, okay. Aldens always tried SO hard, with their titles and all.  "Super Novelty Tops on Natural-Look Fabrics and Muted Color Combinations"!  Okay, enough hyperbole already...

Groovy baby!!  I love the Print in a Polyester!!! So Classically Aldens....

Like I said, Aldens has been a VERY good source of Kathy pics.  Need I say more, oh MY!!!!!

Wait, there is more, Kathy is still Aldens Snazzy in this outfit!!

Okay, I just HAD to include this one, if not for the title.  The "Big-Zip Top" indeed.  I could go off in several different directions here - all of them inappropriate for a PG rated blog.  Better move on quickly......

Oh man, Kay is super sexy here, Dang!!!!  "Juniors  Play It Pretty" of course.  So soft and sexy - where are those girls today?!?!??!?

Aldens had an unfortunate end, read about it here..

So sad, but that is life.  Here are some choice Aldens catalogs through the years......

Fall Winter 1948. Reblogged from 

Fall Winter 1956.  Reblogged from

Spring Summer 1960.  Reblogged from

Fall Winter (can't you tell?) 1973.  I don't know what I like best about this: (1) the rugged, fur attired, alpha male in the lead or (2) his submissive lady waiting patiently behind him or (3) the fog rolling in the from the forest!!  If you gave each a spear, a shield, and a helmet this could be a scene from a Heavy Metal magazine!!  Awesome job Aldens!!!!!  You will be missed by all of us who grew up in the 60s and 70s.


  1. Kathy looks gorgeous in that white and lavender pant suit. I have this catalog and it is one of my favorites. I also had a top/poncho shirt like Kathy is wearing in the 3rd photo, though I am pretty sure it didn't come from Aldens. That "man coat"!!! Wonder if I can still find one for my husband??? LOL!

    1. Yeah, I want one of those too!!! You have to be uber-cool to pull off that look!!

  2. These are nice photos of Kathy. Especially the one where she is wearing what looks like a stripped table cloth cut in the center then pulled over her head.

    1. But you have to admit that Kathy can make anything look good - even a tablecloth!!