Monday, February 3, 2014

Random Goodness: 70s Spiegel Elegance

Okay, okay, I'm sure you are thinking "HEY! You started this "so called" Random Goodness category and then the "poof' no more!!! What gives.?!??!?!

WEEELLLL, I've been busy.   You know the usual - new job, kids changing schools, holidays and vacation, etc.  But, I have not forgotten!!!  So to make up for it - here is some "Random Goodness" 70s "elegante" style from Spiegel.....

Wow!! Okay, this is the very definition of elegant.  But who, pray tell, are those lovelies in the upper right with their heads chopped off?? (1)

There they are!!! Okay they are in short dresses, but who cares!! They are still smoking it in either evening formal or everyday casual!!!

Speaking of long dress elegance, Karen and Pat are checking out... something?!?!!? not sure what.  Once again we have a model with her head chopped off in the upper left.  Who?? Well, we may never know.....

Okay, you may have recognized the Kathy pic on the right from a post on jumpsuits, but I thought I'd show it in the whole page.  Muy elegante indeed!

Yep here is classic Spiegel's evening wear.....70s style....

Floral just bespeaks of elegance and class.  And Colleen is all that and more....

Oh no... another headless model, who, well maybe we will never know.......Still Karen seems pleased in in that....thing.. she is wearing.

Okay, I saved this one for last.  I can't really add much too it.  Kathy is simply stunning, and awesome, and smoking, and, totally hot, ... I can go on and on with the adjectives... and well, that's about it.......(oh yeah, there is another headless model in the upper left, but who's counting...) (2)

footnotes (yeah, they have been gone for awhile, but now they are back!)

(1) Spiegel catalogs are extra long and do not fit in a standard scanner, so that is why we have the top or bottom chopped off.

(2) Okay, okay WHO is the brunette?!?!?!  It is driving me CRAZY!!!! Kathy is totally incredible, no doubt, but still I have to know about this brunette!!!  Also, how classically beautiful are these ladies. Where, or where, did that go in these modern days? Take a look again at this pic - artistic awesomness!!.


  1. I THINK the brunette's name is Barbara Elliott (not sure about the number of L's or T's :-)) I always thought she was cute, probably because she reminded me of a couple of other girls I knew at the time. I'd definitely like to see more of her. P.S. Thanks for the Jayne Modean posts!

    1. Thanks for the input! I'll check out that name. Also, exeect more jayne Modean pics in the future!

  2. Waiting patiently on the return on the long dress. I remember wearing them in 7th or 8th grade. My mom had a beautiful turquoise blue one with a silver sequined top (probably ordered from Sears or Penneys) she wore this to dinner parties. Mine however has Holly Hobby. Remember her??


    ps. Kathy looks gorgeous in that last photo

    1. Well, I don't remember Holly Hobby, but I didn't have any sisters so I might have missed that one. I've always liked the long dress look for women (of course the short ones are nice too!)

  3. Who is the girl with Kathy in the top photo? Also who is the brunette with Colleen. Carry're doing a great job! So many photos no one has seen.

    1. Thanks! In the top photo, I don't know who the model is with Kathy (I assume you mean the gal in the long dress with Kathy). She's in lots of catalogs from that era, but so far I haven't been able to ID her. Also, the brunette with Colleen - no idea. There are are a number of models who I haven't been able to put a name to yet, but we'll keep trying!