Monday, February 24, 2014

What to Expect When You're Expecting - Part 3!

Okay, okay, already I can hear you thinking "Not another maternity wear post!" Wel, Kathy still looks pretty good.  For example....

Be a Beauty in Waiting! Kathy doesn't have to wait to be a beauty!!  She already is!

Hmmmm, based on my experience, I don't remember all the big smiles during this phase of life.  "Coming Attraction-The Pants Pace", sorry kid, you thought that YOU were the "coming attraction".  Nope, you're second fiddle to the fashion!  Also note the footnote at the bottom "Order you're normal size, we'll allow for expansion".  Oh, so your're going to EXPAND!  Okay, nobody mentioned THAT !!

Just because you are in that "special time" doesn't mean you can't enjoy the summertime fun in your swimsuit!

A Nice Time For Getting Dressed Up? Okay, I THINK that there may be something more pressing already?!??!  Still these ladies are lovely.

"The Look Is Casual".  Of course it is!! No reason why it shouldn't be!! I mean, what's cooking (okay, bad metaphor, I meant to say 'what's in the oven', whoops bad metaphor again, dang!!)

Okay so now "Fashions Play 'The Waiting Game'" What gives??? These gals look like fabulous, waiting or not!!!

Can Kathy and Kay be any cuter??? I doubt it!!!  Even in maternity wear they look great!

"Keep Your Cool"? Well how??? Oh "in Pretty Polyester" that's how!! Some how polyester never impressed me a material that allows for much cooling effect.  Still, these outfits define fashion coolness for sure!

Wait, what happened to all the big smiles?  Everyone seems a bit more glum here.  Maybe that is some of those mood swings I remember.


  1. Ha! Where's the swollen ankles and fingers, platform shoes and pregnancy, ha! I must say I like these maternity outfits far more than the current fashion of just wearing your regular clothes until they stretch out beyond repair and make you look like your are about to burst. Even if you are!

    1. I agree. At least back then, with the maternity "uniform" you knew for sure if a women was pregnant and could congratulate her without fear of making a major faux pas. Now, you're not sure if she's pregnant or just packing on some extra pounds!

  2. I've thought pregnant women in bikinis is weird, but fat non-pregnant women in bikinis is worse!!!

  3. Another scary thought: How many of these models were still teenagers when they were modeling maternity clothes???

    1. Well I know that Kathy, Kay, and Karen were in their early twenties when these pics were made. I assume the other models were as well. However, one difference between then and now is back then non-pregnant women modeled maternity wear. Now it is mostly models who are also pregnant that do most of the maternity modeling.

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