Monday, March 3, 2014

K Club Special Part 8 - Kay Cambpell - Part 2

Now that we have checked out a few of the other models outside the original four of the K Club (1), it's time to start a second round of specials on Kay, Karen, Colleen, and Kathy.  Of course now I have a numbering problem - this is the 8th K Club special and the second one on Kay, so the titles are getting a little complicated!

Here is a pic from Mademoiselle magazine in 1975. (2)

Another great shot from Jantzen Fashions 1966.  Kay had the perfect, radiant smile. (2)

Kodel Fibers 1968.  I'm not sure about bike riding in those outfits?  Maybe that's why they are not actually on the bikes.  And the model in the back - is that some kind of hat she's wearing?  (2)

Ship 'n Shore 1971.  I'm not really sure what these gals are laughing at, but they are looking down at the smaller pic of the models in long dresses and laughing.  And if you notice, those models are looking up and laughing also, very strange. (2)

Naturally, We know Kay best from the catalogs of the 60s and 70s...

Okay, now we have "The Mixables" with the odd, crazy, up-and-down font (for added effect).  But you have to admit that Kay looks cute (despite that massive necklace and 70s groovy knit handbag).  As an added bonus, we have a great pic of Shelley Hack for all of her fans (and I know you're out there!).

Arnel Triacetrate just bespeaks the best in Jersey Knits!  However Kay, Colleen, and Wendy make them look country-style great!

And the next pics are two of all time personal favorite Kay catalogs pics.....

Kay normally has the big smile and piercing eyes, but here....I can't explain it.  She just has the most perfect pose - both her facial expression and her body language.  As an added bonus, we have Kathy and Karen also.

Here she has her trademark smile going again.  Very nice!

Oh boy, here goes Aldens again with the snazzy titles to go along with the pic!  Polyester naturally "Swings Jauntily into Spring!"  What exactly does that even mean?

Wait, there are two Kays?  What kind of evil 70s trickery is this?  And what better way to end this post than with a double vision pic of Kay!


(1) For those new to this blog, the "K Club" is what I call the foursome of Kathy Loghry, Kay Campbell, Colleen Corby, and Karen Bruun.  They were all very popular models back in the 70s and often appeared together.  The term K Club comes form the fact that all their first names begin with K or a hard k sound.

(2) All of these pics were re-blogged from


  1. Kay is just gorgeous in all those photos! As usual I notice something that I owned in these pictures. See that sweater Kathy has on with the birds and the ocean? Yeah, I rocked that out!

    1. Wow, your family must have been a Penney's family for sure! I bet that sweater was really boss at school!