Sunday, March 16, 2014

Random Weirdness: Spring Coordinates Have Sprung!

What better way to follow up last week's post on Winter wear with a post on Spring wear - 70s style of course!  And that naturally means coordinates!  There was something about the 70s that just made people want to dress alike.  Perhaps it was a reaction against the increasing loss of traditional community, or the sense of the loss of existential meaning as long standing societal structures became atomized, or the sense of alienation of the individual in an increasingly chaotic world, or maybe it was just plain groovy!

I admit: This pic is a personal favorite. And what better way to kick off those wintertime blues than with some springtime blue striped coordinated outfits modeled by Kathy and Karen!  I can feel Winter's icy grip on the world slipping away already!

Why not stay with the matching skirt / pantsuit meme?  Kay looks great in this mini, and let's face it.  Minis were made for Spring!  Or if that is a bit too cool, you can just wear the matching pants! (1)

Okay, this is getting ridiculous!  Three matching outfits?  And in flower-power patterns, no less.  Well, when it's Spring, then I guess it's alright!

Nothing says "Spring time" like gingham go-togethers in either blue or pink.  

The outfits may be "The Interchangeables", but Kathy and Karen definitively are not!  Except that they seem to have interchangeable stares at the same point to their right?  There are some really nice insert pics of Colleen, Kathy and Karen also.

And here we have all three models uncoordinated in where they are looking but very coordinated in their attire!  Yes, Spring is finally here.  I think we can all be glad for that!


(1) Courtesy of JJ's Playhouse.  Thanks!


  1. Spring? We are expecting more snow Tuesday. I would love to be able to wear Spring clothes right now, especially if I looked life Kathy! I must admit I am particularly fond of gingham!

    1. More snow, egad! Well I might have been a bit early. I planned to follow the winter post with a spring post going into Spring Break (kinda of a mini-series), but apparently mother nature had other plans. Oh well!