Monday, May 19, 2014

Lovely Loungewear - Part 2

I don't know why I choose lounge wear this week.  Let's face it - lounge wear is more of a Fall type subject.  However, the subject just seemed to make sense at the time!

What a way to start!  A veritable bevy of lovelies lounging away in happening 70s styles.  And as a bonus, we have Kathy and Karen in a modeling "smile down". (1) (2)

Like I said in the previous post, lounge wear is that sorta in between type of style between regular daytime clothes and sleep wear.  Here is is simply "Exotic Looks".  Totally cool man!! Robes or robe-style jumpsuits mean 70s lounging awesomeness! Let's face it - the robes are just one small step away from the classic "moo moo".  Shudder the thought.

A black and white version.  But I had to include for the mutt.  He's stealing the scene! (lucky guy, he's hanging out with Kathy, Joanne Vitalli, and Dottie Harris, dang him!)

"Super Value" from JCPenney!  Well what does that mean? Well it translates to "Cozy Styles in Brushed Acetate-And-Nylon".  You may ask "How does one do "brushed acetate", well, Shelly Hack and Mick Linberg show us how!

Like I said, the term "Lounge Wear" had a rather broad meaning.  Here it included gowns.  (I guess to wear while elegantly flowing around one's mansion?)

The next two pics are from the same page from Spiegel catalog (their pages are too long to fit on a a standard scanner, so I had to split the page in two).

You see!  party Pajamas and Luxury Loungers on the same page - what confusion! (the idea of "party pajamas" causes one to imagine an entirely different direction of 70s grooviness!)

One final pic on this whole "lounge wear as gowns" idea.  Well, Kathy, Pam Erickson, and Kay Campbell rather sell me on the idea here!  It appears that Pam is trying to engage Kathy in a "smile down", but Kathy isn't buying into the idea


(1) The "smile down" was a classic modeling pose back in these catalogs.  I always wondered if they had contests to see who would blink first.

(2) In case you were wondering, no, I wasn't having a bad day when I scanned this page.  This particular Spiegel catalog had a number of pages that were off center and slanted.


  1. As for loungers, to bad they are no longer in vogue. They would look better than what most people wear to Walmart! I have never owned a lounger, but if I had, I would definitely pick the black and white one Kathy has on in the first pic. Too cute!

    1. There are some web posts out there on what people wear to Walmart - not a pretty site. Not to worry here. I'm only going to post classy lounge wear from the 70s! I agree with you on Kathy's outfit in the first pic. Actually, all the outfits in the first pic are great. Somehow Spiegel was always just a little bit better that the rest, imo.

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