Saturday, May 24, 2014

That's So 70s: Crazy Family Coordinates!

One of the more consistent themes about 70s fashion is coordinates - His 'n Her coordinates, skirts and pants coordinates, etc.  It seems that the 70s were obsessed by the idea of people dressing the same, like some kind of tribal affiliation.

Well, hold onto yer hats parders, 'cause you ain't seen nuthin' yet.....

Why stop at just couples dressing alike when you can dress up the whole dad bern tootin' clan the same! "It's Fun to Dress Alike"  No it's not.  It's...kinda...creepy actually, sorta like belonging to a cult or something. You'll notice that Dottie Harris appears perfectly comfortable but, as you go down in age, the girls seem increasingly less sure about all this.  The youngest looks like she is plotting an escape before the kool-aid is served.  Perhaps the brainwashing takes a few years to become fully effective "Resistance is futile, you will be assimilated!"

Oh dear, don't tell me that Kathy has also fallen under this mysterious spell!  This clan is going green in matching corduroy, no less!  The youngest one here, unlike the previous pic, seems to have no second thoughts with the assimilation process.  Hmmmm, perhaps SHE is actually the cult leader?

So surely these two examples are aberrations, Right?!?!?!

Nope.  "Hey, let's all dress up in matching overalls and play farmer.  Or we can all dress up in matching flower-power outfits and be suburban hippies."  The possibilities are endless.

Fashions of the 70s weren't nothing if not coordinated!  From Aldens all the way to Spiegel, no socio-economic strata was left untouched by the scourge as witnessed.  Here we have not one, but three mother / daughter examples.  All I can say is "That's Sooooo 70s!"

Naturally, why stop with the mom and the girls when you can include EVERYONE?  And kimonos are made for just that!  Now I have one question "Is it just me or does it seem that the 'blue' clan has thoroughly defeated and embarrassed the 'gold' clan by relegating them to the small inset pics?"

Of course, the 70s were a time when the concept of "family" was beginning to become more, ahem, elastic.....

This one is a bit random and hard to explain.  I think I'd better exit this post before things get any weirder....

(This last pic is re-blogged from somewhere.  I think it was My-Retrospace.  My apologies if I'm wrong.  I downloaded this pic several years ago and before I was too careful about that sort of thing.)

Programming Note:  I had to post early this week due to some family commitments.  For tehe next post I'll be back on the regular schedule.


  1. Fortunately, my very mod mother and I never dressed all of us alike! We did have some "epic" pantsuit combinations though and I think I had a purple corduroy very much like the one Kathy has on. Fun times!

    1. I must do a post on couduroy in the future. It was definitely a 70s kind of thing!