Monday, June 2, 2014

Body Suits / Body Shirts / Whatever - Part 5

Ya'll know by now that I can't go too long between posts on body suits!  After all, they had the perfect 70s fashion combination of fashion oddness, fashion versatility, and of course fashion hotness!

Our regular readers may recall that in the previous post on body suits, I posted the black and white version of this pic (a reader's request).  That is when John of JJ's Playhouse e-mailed me and said "Hey, don't you remember that I sent you the color version some time ago?"  I admit I was a little embarrassed about the whole thing.  After all, how could I have forgotten about this pic with Kathy and Mick Lindberg?  (Thanks JJ's Playhouse for the pic, by the way)

Speaking of Mick Lindberg....

Whether Sears or Penneys, Mick seemed to be one of the go-to models for bodysuits.  And you can see why here, very cute!

One thing about body suits is that you just never knew where they would show up.  Here they are with some very nice thermal long johns.

Or here they are actually with swimwear!!  Very strange.  Why not wear a bodysuit to the beach?  Also here we start with the whole "body suit versus body shirt" confusion.  Make up your mind what they are already, won't ya!!

Great.  Now they have morphed into something called "Body Stockings"  When will this ever end?!?

Now we have the short sleeve and long sleeve version of "Body Shirts".   Kathy certainly makes the long sleeve version look very nice!

Karen Bruun and Dottie Harris show us some very upscale "Bodyshirts" here.  Note that the confusion extends to the spelling.  Is it Body Shirts or Bodyshirts?

I had to throw this  pic in just for the body suit that Kay Campbell is wearing which has that big bow-tie thing going on. Somehow, that doesn't seem to go with the idea of body suits, but that's just me (you probably wouldn't want to wear something like that to the beach, by the way.)


  1. This is one fashion that I hope NEVER makes a comeback! Especially on the beach!

    1. I didn't really understand the body suits on the beach concept at all. Why not just wear a one piece swimsuit? Isn't that basically the same thing except that with an actual swimsuit you could go, well, swiming?!?