Monday, June 9, 2014

Random Goodness - Spring Dresses and Such!

I noticed that the last couple of posts were a little light on Kathy pics.  Since this is THE Kathy Loghry Blogspot, we must rectify that issue immediately!  And what better way of doing just that than with some really nice pics of Spring dresses from the 70s catalogs!

So, for a change, I'll refrain from all the snarky comments this week and let the pics speak for themselves...

"Aren't You Glad Dresses are Back?"  I didn't realize that dresses ever went away (okay I gotta get my snark on a little).  After all the early 70s were the hey day of the mini skirt (oh boy how DO I remember them!)  These aren't exactly minis, so I guess they are referring to regular length dresses.  And Kathy is the perfect model for this task!

A classic 70s catalog shot of Karen, Kathy, and Colleen - all looking off in different directions. Kathy's dress has a bit of the "gull wing" collar thing going on - soooo 70s (okay, okay, no more snark I promise.)

More really nice dresses, this time from a catalog very early in Kathy's career.  Note the hat that Kathy is holding to her side.  Now go back to the first pic.  Holding the hat to the side must have been a Kathy specialty.

Kay from the same early 70s catalog.  Not much to say here except "Irresistible'.

Another classic pic from Sears.  Like we've discussed before, the models back then had this soft, easy sensuality about them that you just do't see today.

I included this pic just for the psychedelic tie on the pink dress in the upper left.  Although dresses were making a comeback, the influence of the 60s could still be felt!

Speaking of ties, what's that thing on Colleen's dress?  I can't say that ever really caught on (okay, I just can't help myself, better end this post now)


  1. I love all of these dresses! Oh the memories. I am really glad that they didn't have Kathy wear that goofy hat in any of these shots, that would have been totally distracting.

    1. Yeah, you don't see hats like that nowdays. I bet there were some pics from the photoshoots of her wearing those hats that got left on the cutting room floor!

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    1. Thanks for the feedback - I'll make a point of including more dresses like those in future posts!

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