Monday, June 30, 2014

That's So 70s - Corduroy!

What am I thinking: two "That's So 70s" Posts in a row! But you have to admit that nothing, and I mean nothing, screams 70s fashion like corduroy.

Something about corduroy really caught the imaginations of the fashion world in the 70s.  Those tightly wound cords of fabric running side by side just seemed to capture the essence of the age despite the onslaught of man made fibers.  The term comes form the French "corde du roi" which means cord of the king.  And you can see why in the following pics.  The fabric seemed to be the perfect regal answer to the 60s!  

Yep, this magic fabric could be molded into any shape or color as seen here with Kathy - pink corduroy skirts, vests, jackets and pants.  Why I do believe that even that snazzy hat that Kathy is modeling could be as well!! 

But by far and away the most common use was in pants.  What Back-To-School shopping trip was complete without at least two - possibly more - pairs of corduroy pants (usually in different colors)?  Yes sir, High Schools and Middle Schools across our fair land were awash in a veritable tsunami of brightly colored corduroy clad students on the first day of class!

Part of the corduroy magic was the soft, plush, almost velour like feel of the material, which was perfect for either your average High Schooler trying to impress the ladies, or a pimp - take your choice. (Thanks to JJ's Playhouse for the pic!)

Good grief!  Now even the pages of the catalogs are in corduroy!! And apparently, this total immersion in the fabric is having profound effects on our models as Kathy and Kay have some kind of neck-breaking pose here!! (Thanks to Blue Senshi for this pic!)

However not even corduroy could escape the 70s penchant for coordinates as seen here.  Corduroy came in different types.  Here it is pinwale.  A wale is a row, and corduroy is defined by its wale number which is the number of rows per inch. The standard is 11, but pinwale is typically 16 so it has a finer feel.

Okay, I got all technical.  Sorry about that. I think we should return to some smashing 70s corduroy fashions to clear our minds......

Yep, this was the hey day of 70s corduroy.  Basically, anything that could be made with corduroy was made with corduroy at some point.  Here we have everything from jumpsuits to sweaters in the stuff.  While maintaining that semi-regal air, corduroy also had a bit of the laid back casual look to it, which made it perfect for the 70s.

Editors note: I don't know how many times I misspelled "corduroy" while writing this post.  Can I FINALLY get it right the first time without the spell checker?  Let's see "courdoroy".  Rats, dad bern keyboard!!


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    1. Thanks, I'm glad you enjoyed it. I hpe to have more postings on 70s corduroy in the future!