Monday, July 7, 2014

K Club Special (Part 10) - Kathy and Karen!

Of all the models that are featured on this blog, two are constantly seen together in sooo many pics - Kathy and Karen Bruun.  So I thought that a special post featuring some of their classic shots together would be perfect!

Kathy and Karen were "Classics" for sure.  They were seen so often in the catalogs of the 70s.  Based on some of the feedback I've received, they were good friends too.  Here they are kicking up their heels! (1)

Both had that easy-going style to their poses that seemed to just complement each other.  What I want you to notice is how each of these pics is really a classic, beautiful, yes even artistic shot.   You just don't see that today, and to think that these great works were in catalogs! It boggles the mind!

"Heather Go-Great Togethers" Well Kathy and Karen always went great together.  Here they seem overly happy about, well, something as they go skipping down the sidewalk!  You have to admit that you can feel the friendship here - chemistry like that can't be faked!

Heck, even when they wore wigs, there was no mistaking Kathy and Karen together!  It's almost like they are saying "Hey, we can pull off any look, no problem!"

Wow!! Talk about cranking up the cuteness factor!  Kathy and Karen absolutely smolder here with effortless ease!!  Yeah, the boots are hoots too! (1)

So many great memories of these two!!  I had to stop myself and think "Hey, you need to save some of these pics for future posts!"  But still it's wonderful to go back to that special era where models like Kathy and Karen just seem to ooze that easy, causal, yet classy sexiness.  I dare anyone out there to find a single contemporary modeling pic that can hold a candle to these!! (Okay, this pic is re-blogged from, well, somewhere.  Dang it, I wish I'd kept better track of that sort of thing back when I started!!)


(1) Thanks to Blue Senshi for these incredible pics!!


  1. Not only were Kathy and Karen good friends, Kathy was in Karen's wedding. Two lovely, lovely young ladies! Wonderful post. Thanks.

    1. Thanks for sharing that info I didn't know that!

  2. Certainly two of the most beautiful models ever! Though how they could have put those two beautiful girls in those horrible wigs is beyond me! Who thinks that up!!!

    1. Yeah I agree. Those wigs don't even look natural! What I don't understand (since I've never wore one) is how did they get all their hair underneath the wig? Wasn't that uncomfortable as heck?