Monday, July 21, 2014

That's So 70s - High Rise Pants (Part 3) Aldens Style!!

Well, I just can't end my fascination with the high rise pants styles of the 70s.  For a decade that had the mini, the maxi, and  the flash of the disco era, the high waisted pants of everyday wear seem almost, well, nerdy by comparison.  

And to add a twist, I decided to focus this post exclusively on the catalog pant styles from Aldens.  Where better to find acre after acre of wonderful polyester and stretch nylon pants of the every-day-woman? Where, oh where, indeed!

Well, let's start out with an incredible pic of Kathy (okay, you've probably realized at this point that I almost always start out with a 4 star Kathy pic).   I'm not sure what that white stripe down the pant leg is supposed to do?  I don't recall seeing any of those in the discos of the 70s.  Kay, has a "Bump" on her shirt! Huh?!?

Dottie Harris and friend are giving us the best in 70s high rise pants fashion.  Yeah!!

Hoodies, hats and, high rise pants, what a wonderful combination! Not to mention Kathy looking hot too!!

Aldens was obviously trying to dominate the "big white stripe down the pant leg" look.  However, based on the fact that they ended up going out of business, it apparently didn't work.

Well, finally we get to the standard Aldens fare - the stretch nylon pants.  Even Kathy looks a bit dowdy in that garb.

Newsmakers indeed!  You just gotta love the hyperbolic titles in Aldens.  And you've gotta love those leaves on the brown pants!

Lots of checkered patterns here as Aldens tries to class it up a bit.  You might notice the necklace that Kathy is wearing.  Now go back to the pic above.  Yep, that must be some kind of special Adens catalog sorority emblem that designates membership, or something.  Oh wait, even Pam Erickson is wearing the same in the small insert pic!

Well don't tell Aldens that they weren't "groovy!!  Check out that transistor radio on a strap.  Talk about being ahead of their time!  I bet that seemed really "far out man" back then.  But look what where this has taken us. Now when I go to the gym, everyone has has headphones in their ears.  Sometimes I doubt of all this technology is really progress.  But I guess I'm starting to sound like an old fuddy now.

Yes, Aldens catalog was definitely the "go to" place of the best in 70s high rise pants!  Disco had nothing on the groovy pants styles of Aldens!!


  1. They are making a comeback as we speak! I went shopping last weekend and couldn't believe how many high waist pants there were. Totally uncomfortable unless you are a size 2. I am not. And for "BUMP" Don't tell me you grew up in the 70's and never did the "Bump". You know, the dance?? LOL! I totally embarrassed my son once doing that with a friend at his birthday party!

    1. Well, I guess where I grew up was just a little too rural and off the beaten path for the "bump". We had one disco, but they still played mostly C&W. I guess I missed out!!

  2. Judy Mickey is the girl with Dottie...Always love your pictures....

    1. Thanks! Another model identified! I'll keep an eye out for her pics in the future!