Monday, July 14, 2014

Let it Rain! - Part 2

Well, I'm a little late for a post on 70s rain wear. After all it's mid-July now.  But hey!  We've actually gotten some rain here recently so I thought I'd celebrate!

Well, we start off this post right where we left off from last week - Kathy and Karen (along with some friends.  I think that's Joanne Vitalli on the left).  Even the raincoats mimicked mini-skirts back then!

More mini-skirts masquerading as raincoats! However, these three really look great in them (Thanks to JJ's Playhouse for the pic)

Well, not all the raincoats were of the mini-skirt variety. Here we have some of the longer variety.

These are, well, sorta rain wear.  There is a bit of a blurred boundary between what can be called a raincoat and what is just a springtime jacket.  Wait!  What happened to the pic of Kathy at the bottom?  Did the Spiegel Magic Man strike again with the old cut-the-girl-in-half trick.  Based on the results of his previous lame attempts at magic tricks.  I certainly hope not!  However, I am a bit worried.  This pic is from the same catalog that had the Magic Man, so who knows?!?!

Not familiar withe the Spiegel Magic Man? Check him out here....

Whew, that was close!  Turns out that the problem is with those old Spiegel catalogs.  They are too long to get the entire page on a scanner, that's all.

Karen and Pat Miles wrap things up with some fancy looking slickers perfect for a rainy day, or, well, painting?  I'm not sure about that.  After all why would you want to risk getting paint on those groovy clogs they're wearing?

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