Monday, May 12, 2014

Sizzling by the Shore - Part 6: Summer is Finally Here!

Well, it's not quite summer, but heck I COULDN'T WAIT.  Let's do us some Sizzlin' Sears Swimsuits - 70s catalog style! (Do I hear any complaints? Nah, didn't think so.)

Let's face it.  I'm not going to do a swimwear post without one incredibly, smoking  hot pic of Kathy.  So let's get this out of the way up front!  Kathy in a crochet-knit swimsuit from a Sears catalog circa 1974.  I believe that this may be the apogee of 70s catalog greatness! (1)

A bit of a closeup of the inset pic from above.  You have to admit, the bikinis back then had a style that was sexy, but still classy. (1) (2)

Groovy Baby!  Check out this pic from the early 70s!  The swimsuits may seem Victorian to us now, but let's face it - there're still pretty smoking hot!  You can almost visualize Austin Powers entering the scene at any moment!

Now back to the mid-70s and WOW, back to the bikinis!  You gotta love this!  And that sheep thing going on, not sure what that's about....better not comment further....better move on quickly.....

Why just Sizzle by the Shore when you can also chill by the pool?  And what better way of doing that than with Kathy in repose and Karen with hands-on-hips. (3)

So you're not into swimsuits (and what exactly is wrong with you on that?).  Well, there's always Swimdresses!  (and no, that's not a real word)  Still these gals are working it hard - especially considering that the beach/ocean scene in the background is, ah hem, sooooo real looking!

I could have wrapped  up this post nicely after the last pic, but heck I decided to put the metal down again with another blast from the early 70s (do I hear any complaints? Nah, didn't think so.)  "By-The-Sea Stuff", indeed! yeah baby! (you have to love the dedication these models have by balancing precariously on that boat!)

(1) Thanks JJ's Playhouse for these awesome pics!

(2) The crochet-knit swimsuit is one fashion style from the 70s that every red, blooded American male wishes would make a comeback!

(3) A bit of background here, my first job was at the local country club, and during the summer, a lot of the local hotties liked to sunbath by the pools.  Let's just say that during the summer, the pool area got LOTS of extra attention!!


  1. I really like these swimsuits, unfortunately at my age, only those swimdresess will work. However, there was a time.... What is going on with that sheep????

    1. Well I understand. As far as that sheep thing goes, I hesitated about commenting. Pretty strange when you think about it. Apparently it wasn't a big seller because it only made the one appearance as far as I know.