Monday, September 8, 2014

K Club Special (Part 12) - Kathy Loghry (Part 2)

Welcome to the start of our third year at the Kathy Loghry Blogspot!  And wow, what better way to kick off a brand new year than with a K Club special featuring Kathy herself!! (yeah I know it seems a bit redundant, but so what?!?!)

Let's look back at just a few of the many pics from Kathy's career over the years.....

Kathy had a few appearances in Seventeen Magazine such as this Penney's ad here from 1970!

Another Seventeen pic was covered last year, but I thought I'd give everyone an update.
At first I thought this was some sort of tea party, but look at the bottom of this updated photo.
Yep, those, are ???potatoes????  Yes, indeed, they are.  Here is other page of the article.

Yes, it's about "potato pan flips".  Huh??  I'm more confused now than before.

Kathy also appeared in a number of magazine ads.  During the early to mid-70s, she was everywhere!!
Here she is in an ad for Landlubber jeans circa 1975.  You may remember that Landlubber had some rather risque ads back then.  However, here these gals keep it classy and fun!!

Kathy also made all the rounds in the various knitting mags back then such as here. A vest with strawberries was a "must-have" with every fashionista in the 70s! (re-blogged from My-Retrospace.Blogspot).

Naturally, we here at this blog know Kathy best from her numerous appearances in the "Big Book" catalogs of the 70s. Here are some examples during that decade....

A triple Kathy attack from 1970!!  Just too cute!!

Polka Dots from Aldens in 1972.  You just gotta love Kathy's hat!!

Simply a classic Kathy catalog pic from 1974.  The minis were still kicking back then, and somehow Kathy made them look sweet and innocent!!

One of the reasons that Kathy was one of the "go-to" models back then is that she could make anything look good - even this purple monstrosity from 1975.  A brave smile indeed as she shows off this purple pantsuit with cuffed bell-bottoms topped off with a purple scarf.  And where one would wear such as getup?  How about  Yeah, sure, why not???

One of the more popular Kathy catalog pics from 1977.  Actually, this outfit makes more sense to wear at the farm in the scene above. On the other hand, the purple outfit makes more sense to wear....oh never mind!

Yes, I'm looking forward to another here at this blog.  I know we're going to have lots of great posts of Kathy and the gang in the future!!

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