Monday, September 29, 2014

Random Goodness: 70s Fall Fashion Fun - Part 3!

Whoa!  We're well into Autumn and I almost forgot to take another look back on Fall Fashions from the 70s!  Now that just would not do!

Who said that the 70s were all drab and earth tone?  Not these gals!  Kay, Karen, and Kathy start us off with a jolt in "High-Voltage Blues"!  Now that should chase away the Autumn blues, I mean the blues as in the feeling of melancholy not the color blue which these are, which chase away the blues, oh never mind!!

More blues to chase away the blues of Autumn.  Wait I'm getting confused again.  Still Pam and friend look great no matter what.  The "gull wing" lapels were a thing back then in the mid-70s.  Let's hope that fashion statement doesn't make a comeback! (1)

Tired of the blues?  Well how about some shockingly bright red shown here by Pam and Shelley! Nice boots by the way.

"Wait, where are all the drab, subdued browns and grays of Autumn?"  you may ask.

Not a chance with high class gals like Kathy around!  I always love the way Aldens tried to make their stuff sound so appealing "Fall-Fresh Toppings in fine flowy Polyester Knits".  Uhhh, how exactly is polyester "flowy"?  And that hat, not sure it's the correct size for Kathy, oh well.

Besides the great smile that Kathy is flashing, there's nothing remarkable about this.  Until, you look at the small inset pics.  Aldens has got some groovy head wear going on there!  

Not sure what a "soft shirting" is, but hey, whatever, these gals look great!  Fall was definitely the season for groovy fashions back in the 70s!

Still there's something I'm missing, something that just defined 70s Fall fashion like no other, something so evil, so vile, that it forever scarred me as a youth.  Wait, no, NOOOOOO, not the...............

Leisure suits!  I had to include this for the tortured description of how great they are.  "Look at the styling, the workmanship..."  Yeah right. Let's face it, there is no amount of spin that will ever make make wearing a leisure suit a badge of quality.  How in the world did my brother and I ever survive the indignity of these monstrosities I'll never know. (2)


(1) You may notice the American flag themed post in this pic and the next pic with Shelley.  This was the mid-70s and the big bicentennial celebration.  You can see some is this in the Big Book catalogs of the era.  However, like I've mentioned before, it is interesting to see how subdued the whole thing was, at least by today's standards.

(2) You are probably thinking "Hey is he breaking form by including a pic from the men's section?"  Well maybe a little.  Don't expect a big change in that direction.   Maybe one or two here and there when they are theme appropriate - like this one with the infamous leisure suits.


  1. Interesting that the wedge heels the girls are wearing in the first two photos are back in style, though higher! Those bows on the blouses are gigantic!

    Come on, you know you loved your leisure suit in all it's double knit polyester glory!

    1. Uhhh, no (I know your comment was tongue-in-cheek, at least I HOPE so). I remember being dressed up for church in those gawd awful leisure suits (with my brother). The problem is that was the time I was becoming interested in the young ladies. And I KNEW those leisure suits were toxic poison to my, ahem, "game" (such as it was).

      And yes, everything in the 70s in fashion from the shoulders up (lapels, bows, etc) were SUPER-sized!! (it was the disco era after all!!).

      Always appreciate your comments!