Monday, October 6, 2014

Random Weirdness: Bodysuits - Part 6!

Well, why not followup a "Random Goodness" post with a "Random Weirdness" post?  And what better subject than everyone's favorite clothing article - bodysuits! 

With super-cute gals like Kathy and Kay, bodysuits can hardly be called "weird".  Looks like there is a lot of goodness going on here!  Note the small inset pics showing how other articles of clothing can be worn over the bodysuits - like people needed instructions or something?

More bodysuits with more small inset pics showing us how they can used.  Mick Lindberg and Dottie Harris were two of the popular bodysuit models back then and you can see why here!

Shelley and Colleen flip the script here with the bodysuits in the inset pics.  Still they look great! Sears always had The Bodysuit Shop section in their catalogs.  Kind of sounds randomly weird to me!

Kathy and Karen are stepping out in some snazzy turtleneck bodysuits - perfect for winter!  I have to comment on those stairs.  Did they pull them out from a back closet or something? A bit of a random prop to contrast with the stark background, don't you think?

Yes, bodysuits are fun!  and comfortable too!  Why? Well they tell us here!  And they are really fun with the huge scarf thing that Dottie is wearing.

Well the bodysuits were certainly the rage back then.  However, I admit that I really don't get them at all.  Why not just wear a blouse?  Of course, as a guy, I probably don't "get" a lot of things like this. Oh well, we can still enjoy the bodysuits!!


  1. I hated bodysuits with one exception. We wore them with our cheerleading uniforms (back in the day when the uniforms were made of more than 2 square inches of cloth). When we jumped the blouse didn't pull out of the skirts and there were no undies showing!

    1. You have a good point there. I guess that is one example where they make sense. Still for most situations that still seem a bit randomly weird to me!

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