Monday, October 27, 2014

The Big Book Catalog Series - Part 2 1971 (1st half)

Well, I knew this was going to happen when I started the Big Book catalog series.  The first post on 1970 was easy because I could get all of the ones I own in one post.  However, starting in 1971, Kathy's catalog career really took off.  So I'm going to have to split 1971 into two parts.  This one will focus on the Spring / Summer Big Books....

So let's start with Sears!

One thing that all these Big Books had in common was that they were just so much dang fun!  Kathy and Colleen in "Crisp-Textured Charmers" indeed!

What about "Multi-Mixability" to keep the festive mood going?  You've gotta love the knit cap on Karen!

Not to be out done, these gals are all smiles in "Snap-Up Looks".  Is Shelley trying to stand on her toes?  Nah, it's just the extreme height of those clogs!  I wouldn't try sprinting in those things.

That was extra fun, but it's time to move on to Aldens....

Aldens was going for the elegant look here.  Kathy simply looks stunning!

To continue with the ladylike (1) look, here we have some linen gloves.  Now when was the last time you saw those?  Yeah, I know, that's just not in style anymore and that's a shame.

Okay here we go again.  As readers of this blog know, I have a certain problem about the "faux" country look.  In the 70s there were several sporadic periods where "Country Style" was the "Current Rage."   Where I grew up we had an expression "all hat and no cattle" to describe the urbanites trying to be "country."  I'd say that here except that here, we have no hats, just knit caps?!???!??

And now from Spiegel...

Looks like they were trying to channel The Partridge Family here.  One thing about fashion of the early 70s, is that you just never knew what was going to be the "in" look from moment to moment. As cool as these outfits were, I think they were an attempt to start a look that basically went "out" pretty much from the start.

Oh bother, not more of the "Urban Cowboy" look.  Well, at least the gauchos are fetching!  Perhaps they were going for more of an Argentine cowboy look.  Okay, I'll let it pass then.

This is plainly ridiculous, no more comments required.

We need to change gears quickly before this post goes completely downhill.  Let's finish this first post on the 1971 Big Books with Penney's....

More fashion confusion evident from the early 70s.  The gal on the left sports a, well, uh, not sure what that outfit is called.  I do like the extra wide, white belt and boots.  Kay's dress is s bit more standard, but check out those shoes, er, sandals, er, whatever they are.  The metal arm band is groovy fun also!

Just about the tie you think that fashion of the early 70s was all about country looks and earth tone wares, along comes a groovy-baby blast of colorful fun from right out of the 60s!  (not that I'm complaining)

A really, really nice pic of Kathy and Karen to end this post.


(1) Okay, I know the term "lady" or "ladylike" is somehow offensive to some these days - my how times have changed.


  1. What great pictures! I don't think I have these catalogs. Those gauchos are horrible! I was never a fan, of course I owned a pair because they were "in". I am concerned with the slinky dog collar in the photo with Kay in the long red dress! Weird! But then again so is that black outfit! I LOVE the last photo of Kathy in the polka dots, just adorable!

    1. Yep, the gauchos were one of those strange mini-fads of the 70s. That's what made that decade so great (from a blogging point of view anyway). Stay tuned for more 70s weirdness!

  2. The first Penney's pic actually features a pair of "K"s. The model in black (with white boots and belt) is Cay Sanderson.

    1. Really? Wow! I didn't recognize her in that outfit. But now that you mention it, yeah I see it now. And to think I was planning on doing a feature on her in the near future. Nice catch! Thanks!