Monday, October 20, 2014

K Club Special (Part 13) - Pat Miles!

For our first K Club Special of our third year, we're going to feature Pat Miles.  The thing is, as popular as she was tin all the Big Book catalogs, I haven't been able to locate any other material from her career.  I'm not saying there wasn't any, I just haven't located any.

Still, there are plenty of great pics of her from those catalogs.  Like here......

Pat was a very common model in the old Big Book catalogs - particularly in the mid to late 70s.  I don't know.  Are these leisure suits for women?  The scarves are nice too!

Here from Sears, Pat shows us just how "lustrous" a dress can be when made from Creslan Acrylic yarn!!  One question: Is that Kathy on the far right?  I can't tell.

Classic JCPenney catalog fashions form the 70s!

Pat and Kay show us some "Soft Dressy Looks".  I love the way Pat is holding that balloon up to her hair, hope she didn't get "static hair" from that!!

Pat at the beach (in a dress?!?!) with the wind in her hair!  I guess they should have used the bandanna shown in the inset pic at the lower right for that pic!

Like I said, Pat's career was mostly from the mid to late 70s, but here she is in the Spiegel Spring / Summer 73 catalog with Karen!  Check out those giant lapels (poke-a-dotted, no less) on Pat's dress!

 Another great pic from the same shoot.  Spiegel had a painting theme for this shoot which, with the colorful dresses against the colorful background, made for one wild scene.  It was all good fun typical of the 70s!!

Kathy and Pat in lovely long dresses out for a summer stroll in the park.  Such classically beautiful and elegant ladies.  Yep, every time I go to the park I see sights like this.  Well actually not.  Well nowadays actually you'd be more likely to see women in old tank tops, shorts, and flip flops (ugh). (Pic courtesy of JJ's Playhouse!)

Pat on the cover of the JCPenney Fall /Winter 77 Big Book catalog!  She has an oh-so-serious look here, not sure why?

After Pat retired form modeling in 1980, she has been very busy.  She moved from being in front of the camera to behind it in a number of capacities.  Currently she is a specialist in Human Resources and still working!  She is even on Linkedin!


  1. Ha! I always wondered her name! Gotta love the 70's! I would totally wear that dress that has a green polka dot top with the white skirt that Karen is wearing, today! Cute! I do remember a number of girls in high school who would wear the long dresses to school. I guess today's Maxi dresses are the equivelent!

    1. Yeah, tracking down the names of all the models has been a challenge. There are several that I still haven't found out. I'd like to do a special on them, but it would be odd without their actual name! The dress to which you refer is indeed sharp looking on Karen,. Spiegel was the classiest of the Big Books for sure. Good to hear from you as always!