Monday, September 15, 2014

Spiegel Back to School Special!

Fall is here and with the fresh coolness in the air, it's time to look back on how the Big Book catalogs of the 70s got all the groovy kids ready for that first day of school!

Wow, these gals are ready to take the college campus by storm!  Busting through  the gates of higher learning is hard work, but that doesn't mean it can't be done in style and with a smile.  I imagine this campus was never quite the same again after this entrance! (1)

Yep it may be Autumn, but in the 70s, every season was mini-skirt season (Oh yeah).

Later in the semester and these gals are still all smiles and still stylish!  What a contrast between the drab, stern looking buildings and the bright 70s styles of our coeds!!  They are really heating up the cool weather on campus.

Minis, boots, and caps, oh my!  The question that I have is "where are all the guys?"  (oh wow, that was a cheesy rhyme!)  I mean, come on man, with lovelies like this on campus, you can surely afford to miss class!  Oh, I get it.  All the guys on this campus were studious types (like me in college) and couldn't be distracted from their academic pursuits (yeah, right).

Of course, Fall naturally turns to Winter.  That means the minis have to be put away and all the students need to bundle up for the cold weather.  No matter!  These gals still kill it with in the happenest winter fashions from Spiegel.  Perfect for those semester ending finals or for going to the stadium to watch the big game, these coat styles will still turn heads!  For every back to school need, Spiegel had you covered during the grooviest decade of them all - the 70s!


(1) That is Jill Twiddy on Kathy's right.  She appears in all of the pics on this post.


  1. Love these back to school photos of Kathy. Spiegel! Way to high class for my family of Sears and J.C Penney lovers. Though I did have a maxi coat. Green and orange plaid!

    1. We didn't have Spiegel catalogs either. There wasn't a Spiegel store anywhere near where we lived anyhow. I bet the green and orange plaid coat was an eye-catcher. I'll have to look for it in the pages of the old Sears and JCP catalogs!