Monday, February 16, 2015

Random Weirdness - Catalog Uniforms.

I admit that I have been putting off this post for some time.  As you know, one of the missions of this blog is to properly document the wonderful Big Book catalogs of the 70s - in all their zany and unpredictable glory.  And one section - albeit small - that was a constant feature in these tomes was uniforms.

Yes uniforms, you read that right.  This leaves me, your humble blogger, with a dilemma.  What to say about uniforms?  I mean they are just kinda, well, there?!?!

As we will see, even the catalogs themselves had to work overtime to hype them "so crisp and smart - in white and exciting colors"  Yeah, right.  However, these uniforms are looking pretty good - especially with Kathy as the model.

It still amazes me that you could see top models in material like this.  For example....

Colleen, Pat, and Dottie modeling uniforms.  Somehow I doubt that one would find Giesele or Alessandra doing something similar today.

Need more convincing..........

Before she was a Charlie's Angel, Shelley was helping to move those "Perma-Smooth" uniforms from Sears!

The uniforms section of the Big Books tended to focus on economy.  And that is understandable I guess.

Not only economy but ease of care, yeah that makes sense.

Still they tried to sell the sizzle with descriptions like here "Sparkling uniforms for a stylish on the job look..." Uhhhh, yeah, I see it.  I totally see it.

One problem with this category is that Kathy didn't appear a whole lot in this section, so the pics are a little thin. Originally I was only going to do one post on the subject for that reason, but heck, let's save a couple of Kathy pics for another look at the subject in the future.  Naturally we need to end on a snazzy photo of Kathy.....

Oh dear, I'm not sure about that title.  Ah hem, did they really write that?!?!?!?  I'm not sure it would be appropriate in a PG rated blog to comment further.  Maybe those uniforms weren't so boring after all??  (okay, I couldn't help myself...).


  1. Trying to figure out what kind of uniforms they are in the first photo? The other photos I can guess nurse, hair dresser, maid, maybe waitress..but that first one??? No clue, even though Kathy still looks cute!

    1. I was actually going to comment on that fact, but forgot. I assume that they are some sort of uniforms for the medical field - perhaps orderlies or something. Also I forgot to mention that the uniform sections in the Big Books were really just a sampling. They had entire specialty catalogs in addition. You can see that in the third pic with Shelley where they show the uniform catalog at the bottom.

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