Monday, February 23, 2015

Sorority Fashions from Vicky Vaughn - Part 3!

So it's been a while since we have checked on all our sorority gals and their smashing Vicky Vaughn fashions. Let's see how they are doing....

As you may recall, our sorority had some rather bizarre initiation rites for their pledges.  Like here where apparently the pledges were forced to wear coordinated pledge uniforms.

However, this pledge class survived their horrors and decided to celebrate with a trip to the beach! Everyone is all smiles now.

They even held a formal ball to mark the occasion!

Naturally, travel is on the agenda for any jet setting young sorority lady. (Note: This pic is worth it just for the Pan Am plane in the upper right!) (1)

So now we have a new pledge class....

My, my, the previous pledge class thought that they had it bad, but this new class has even stranger pledge uniforms to wear! (1)

Surely, it can't worse for this new crop of pledges....
Oh dear, are we back to those strange sorority initiation rites?  It looks like these pledges are being forced to "walk the plank" or something (I did a double take with this pic.  What the heck are they doing out on some slick, moss covered, rock at the edge of a lake?, very strange)

Once again, surely it can't get worse for these poor pledges........
It can and it does! Now, they are forced to play some sort of scaled up version of Monopoly.  This is really taking a turn towards the weird.  The gal on the right is starting to look a little worried!  She's probably thinking "Hey, I wanted to join for the parties, not to be put in a jail cell!"


The members snicker at the pledges misfortunes.  Apparently this sorority has fallen into that "Plaid, Plaid World" space time singularity.  Either that, or this sorority was founded by Scots!


(1) These pics re-blogged from MyVintageVogue.

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