Monday, April 6, 2015

Hot Pants (Part 4) - Get Ready For Summer!!

Somethings from the 70s need to remain lost in time: Shag carpet, disco, lava lamps, bell bottoms, platform shoes, etc.  However, some 70s styles desperately need to time warped out of the past into the present......

Let's face it, we all loved 'em and oh how we miss them dearly - hot pants.  You needed two ingredients for hot pants: pants that were hot and girls that were hot.  Friends, we have both here.  I do believe that I'm "Ready for Summer" now!! (1)

Need more proof of the superiority of hot pants?  Well here we have a side-by-side comparison. Long pants equals long face.   Hot pants equals smiles all around.  Of course it helps that Kathy has matching green and white lace-up go-go boots, err, sandals, err, whatever she's wearing.  (2)

Kathy certainly had some fancy footwear to go with those hot pants.  However, we'll see in the next few pics that combining the best in 70s footwear fashions with hot pants was an inevitable pairing....

Wards basically cuts to the chase here - wear hot pants for the boys.  After all "The boys deserve a break."  Yeah, I'll second that!!  Check out the leggings and strap up sandals - neat o!

Shelly and Mick go all out accessorizing their hot pants.  All I can say is - that's soooo 70s. (3)

Even Spiegel tried to cash in on the hot pants craze.  Kathy and Shelley are certainly "cooling it in hot pants."  Of course hot pants were cool, but they were also hot, which made them cool, which made them....oh, never mind.

Once more with the long pants versus short pants comparison.  Well it's no comparison.  Yes, disco maybe a faded memory of the 70s, but hot pants lives on, if only in our memories.  Bottom line is that you can keep the disco, but give me those hot pants.


(1) This pic courtesy of JJ's Playhouse.  Thanks!

(2) This pic courtesy of Blue Senshi.  Thanks!

(3) Talk out coincidences.  One day after I wrote this post, ShelleyHack.Bogspot published another pic like this that has the same models in the same outfits, but in a difference pose.  I thought about replacing it, but what the heck.  I guess I wasn't the only one with hot pants on their mind!  (This pic is from JJ's Playhouse by the way.)

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