Monday, April 27, 2015

K Club Special (Part 17) Jane Cullen!

Okay, you may have noticed that the last K Club Special featured Joanne Vitelli and now it's Jane Cullen. Has the K Club become the J Club?  Well maybe for now.  We'll be getting back to the K Club regulars soon enough.

Actually I've had a reader express his interest in Jane.  And we here at the Kathy Loghry Blogspot are always keen to our readers requests, so here we go....

Let's start off with some pics of Jane in the Big Book catalogs like here (Jane is on the left.)  Jane started to make the catalog rounds in the mid-70s.

Nice berets!

Jane with Jayne (Modean) for a double Ja(y)ne attack!

Okay, now we'll take a look at some of Jane's other appearances such as here in Seventeen Magazine

And in print ads like here...

and here.....

A classic ad by Jane.

Now back to the catalogs...

Jane here with Kathy and Karen.  That's a whole lot of cuteness for one pic!  

Jane seemed to be the go-to model for ponchos - no idea why.

Once more with Kathy and Karen.  I'm not sure what's off to their right that's got their attention, but that's a nice background for sure (1).  

More cuteness - this time from Jane and Barbara. 

Well, parders, it's just about time to bring this post to a close.  Perhaps just one more pic??

Yep, for all you cowpokes out there, it's time to round up all those doggies and bring 'em into the ole corral.  


(1) This pic (and the previous one with Kathy and Karen) were taken at a resort in Arizona.  This was the only catalog that I've seen where the location of the photo shoot was listed.  


  1. Jane was another favorite of mine. I always called her the curly haired cutie before I knew her name. Thanks! P.S.: Any chance of something on Barbara Elliott? Thanks again!

    1. You're welcome. I had to watch how many times I used the word "cute" in this post. Don't worry. Barbara is in the queue for a K Club Special in the future!

  2. Bonjour,

    J'ai rencontré Jane à New York au mois de juillet 1976... Nous étions en escale pour la Tall Ship's Parade, j'avais 20 ans et nous avons partagé de très bons moments... J'aimerais lui envoyer quelques photos de cet été 1976 de "coup de foudre à Long Island" ;-) Vous pouvez me donner une adresse où la contacter? Merci! Thierry, Lausanne, Switzerland.

    1. My French is a little incomplete, but I understand that you knew Jane. Awesome! You can contact me at e-mail Alaen68@GMail.Com. I would love to hear more from you about Jane!!

  3. Who is the model on the right, in the second picture from the top?

    1. That would be Micaela Sundholm. She was a regular in the Big Books during the late 70s and early 80s. I've had several people inquire about her. No doubt she was a favorite. I suspect that she will be featured in a future "K Club Special" post. Stay tuned!