Monday, April 20, 2015

Let it Rain - Part 3

Okay enough already.  Apparently these "Let it Rain" posts have some sort of magically rain dance quality to them.  Shortly after I posted Part 1, we began to get some rain after a two year drought. Then, after the second post, more rain.  And now, after I decided on this subject for the week, we have been in a torrential deluge every day!

So we better check out some more of those groovy 70s rain gear fashions before my house floats away!!

Kathy and Karen don't seem to be too down about the rainy weather, and why not!  After all, raincoats are the perfect excuse to show off some happenin' 70s boots!  That will make a fashion splash indeed!

Yep, these are some gloom-chasing beauties for sure.  Oh wait, they are probably talking about the raincoats.  My bad.  Check out that, that...uhh, coat?, poncho? in the middle.  Ohhh it's called a "rain cape" -very groovy baby!!

And Penneys is taking the boot thing a bit too far. I guess they want to show how versitle their boots are - they even can double as a planter!

I had to include this for the matching "wet look" bag and boots.  At least this time the boot doesn't have flowers in it...

I'm not sure that Karen, Kathy and Kay actually are modeling rain gear.  Often, the Spring coats got mixed in with the weather stuff.  However, there is no doubt that Barbara Elliot is ready for the next downpour - ponchos are timeless!

More raincoats, more boots, and more smiling faces!

We've seen lots of raincoats, ponchos, and ahem, capes.  However, there is one essential piece of gear that we definitely need when stepping out in the rain....
Bus stop, wet day, she's there, I say.  Please share my umbrella..."  That's right.  How can we talk about 70s rain fashions without an umbrella?!?.  And what better way to accessorize than with umbrella that matches the coat!  Kay and Kathy look ready to face the elements in style!

Note they're posing by a lake.  If we keep getting these huge downpours, my property is gonna start looking like that lake!  Better break out the rain gear and probably get a boat!


  1. In pics 2 and 5, the model on the left is Dayle Haddon and the model on the right is Terry Reno. How did you find out Barbara Elliot's name?

    1. Thanks for the info! I have been trying to identify Barbara for some time. Finally I broke down and bought a copy of an old Seventeen mag with her picture on the cover - just for that reason. I was rewarded with a pic of Kathy that I'd never seen, so it was a good buy!

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  3. 2 inches of rain fell on Grand Island, Nebraska this past weekend. But then April showers bring May flowers.

    1. Sounds like you're getting some rain also. We got drenched this last week. Hopefully it will let up for this coming weekend!


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