Monday, June 8, 2015

Let's Get Into Physical (Part 4) - You Should Be Dancing!!

"Hey Grandpa, do you remember all those Jane Fonda dance tapes with the crazy neon colored tights and leg warmers?"

"Well, son, yes I do.  Those were wild times.  But that was in the 80s.  None that existed back in the 70s.

"So people didn't exercise in the 70s?"

"Well they did, but the fashions were taken more from traditional dance.  For example."

"Yes I see Grandpa.  It looked a lot less like the dance tapes of the 80s and more like a ballet studio.  Seems pretty boring to me!"

"Well son, you could still have fun."

"Yeah, it looks like fun, but they're not dancing.  They're just messing around."

"Okay, smart alack.  You want to see some serious dance faces?"

"Grandpa, they're still not dancing. And it looks like they're miserable!"

"Okay, okay, you want dancing.  Here's some dancing."

"I guess that counts as dancing.  However, I don't see mom doing moves like that when she's working out to her Beach Body Workout tape."

"Well son, this was a long, LONG time before workouts like that."

"Back in the 70s, we didn't have Beach Body, Brazilian Butt Lift, Insanity, or P90x streaming into our home TV.  No, instead we had the Sears Exercise Shop!!  Yes, in many ways times were simpler back then"

"Grandpa, I noticed all these gals covered their legs.  Why?"

"Well son, people were a bit more modest back then.  Also, and this something you'll learn, a lot of women are very conscious of how they look - especially in front of other women."

"But these gals don't have to worry about that."

"Good point son, good point.  You're learning fast!"

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