Monday, June 1, 2015

That's So 70s: Deminy Daze - Part 3!

Ahh denim.  What fashion style is more emblematic of Americana than denim?  Other trends come and go, denim remains timeless.  So let's take a look back at the denim styles of the 70s....

Wrangler is indeed a "Big Name" in jeans!  Not much here that says "That's so 70s", well except for those platform shoes.  Hmmm, haven't we previously seen Kathy in ads for Landlubber jeans?  So much for brand loyalty!!

Okay, here we go. Now this is a little more 70s style.  Barbara and Jill seem extra happy to be wearing the "Patchwork Denim-Look."  So let me get this right - you buy new clothes that have the look of old clothes that are patched up.  Okay, yeah, sure, that makes PERFECT sense.

Since we're focusing on Wrangler jeans this post, I had to throw in this ad featuring Susan Blakely. Now we can say "That's so 70s!"

Here Karen and Jane show us the pre-washed denim look.  Once again, we're buying new clothes that have been aged to look like old clothes.

And more pre-washed denim in that "lived-in look."  Hmmm, I'm not too sure about that.

Denim jeans aren't only for casual wear.  Heck, why not class 'em up a bit and head on down to the Yacht Club to hobnob with the upper crust?  I love the pose on the right.  Yep, I see that all the time at the boat dock - well maybe in my imagination!

We started this post with Wrangler jeans from Aldens, so why not end it the same way?!?  All I can say here is "too much cuteness for one picture!"

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