Monday, June 22, 2015

The Big Book Catalog Series (Part 6) 1972d

Well, we've finally about to get through the Big Book catalogs of 1972!  And the last two that we haven't covered yet are the Aldens and Spiegel FW editions.  Speaking of covers....

I could probably do a post on the covers alone!  I can see it now:

"What kind of man reads Aldens?  He's always got the wind in his hair and a groovy chick at his back. (1)  Flying high in his WW I biplane, his sense of adventure is matched only by his dashing sense of fashion style."  

Combine that with Spiegel cover with the giant dog by the rocky coastline and the possibilities are endless!  Now that our interest has been piqued, let's move on to see what's inside these editions.

And what's waiting for our Aldens's man?  Well, after a typical exciting day of daring do and high adventure, he can look forward to a relaxing evening with some elegant ladies!  And, of course, nothing says elegant quite like polyester double knit.   No, nothing.

Not only is it elegant, apparently polyester is a magic word.  Who knew?!?!  If fact it is so magical, it is making the gals on the right disappear!

But is polyester as magical as the crushed velvet pants with matching belt?  Me thinks not!  Ohh, you can begin to hear, faintly at this point in time, the unmistakable beat of disco just a few short years away!

Still, Aldens always tried to keep it classy.  And what better way to do that than with the Ladyalden Shop?

Aldens was always good for some groovy threads, but Spiegel was different....

They were more upscale.  Still, they liked to have their fun too.  And who better to model that look than Kathy.  And no, I have no idea what the tree on the sweater has to do with anything.

Let's stay with the skirt and sweater theme.  Very nice!

Yeah, Spiegel always had that classy elegance to it.  Here are some classic dresses so typical of their offerings.  (2)

Still Spiegel had its moments like here.  What could possibly be behind that creepy looking wooden door?
Why it would be our favorite model (3) dressed up in a witchy looking cape with pointy hood! Aldens thought that they had the magic with polyester, but Spiegel had the real magic here!  Heck the outfit even comes with a witch's familiar (don't let the dog's laid back expression fool ya!)  


(1) Yep, if you were wondering, that is Kay on the cover of Aldens.

(2) For those of you that may want to download this pic, you'll notice that it is misnamed.  It really is from the Spiegel FW 72 catalog, not from JCP.

(3) I'm pretty sure that is Kathy underneath that hood.  What a great pic!  


  1. In the third pic from the bottom (the second one that you bookmarked), the model with Shelly Hack is Susan Forristal. She went on to become an actress. Her first part was with her friend, model Lucy Angle, whose husband produced and directed the film (Electra Glide in Blue). It looks to me that she was far more successful as a model than as an actress, though she was apparently able to make a career of it.

    1. Hey Blue, thanks for the info. I'll be sure to do some research on Susan. Sounds like that could make a good post. BTW, I recently acquired the Wards FW 71 catalog and there are some Colleen pics in it if you are interested.

    2. It just so happens that the Ward FW 71 is one I do need. Thanks! I'm always interested in new Colleen pics, and I especially like the ones from the late-Sixties to the early Seventies. :-)

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