Monday, November 23, 2015

Crazy Catalog Stuff - Part 5: Wishbook Wonderland!

So now that Thanksgiving is upon us, the Christmas shopping season officially kicks off.  Today it's crazy with Black Friday, Cyber Monday and all that.  But back in the good ole 70s, there was one unmistakable sign of the beginning of the Christmas shopping season.

The arrival of those Christmas catalogs from the big mail order retailers.

At the time, all I cared about much was the toys, but looking back they had some classic 70s craziness as well.

Nothing says "That's So 70s" like this pad!!  We have the turntable, fake animal skin rugs, and of course, a groovy place to store your favorite records (1) (2). Kathy certainly feels right at home!

"Mod-Style" record cubes no less!

Naturally you're going to need some black lights, lava lamps, and glitter ball in that special 70s pad while you're jammin' to your favorite 45s!

"Lights of the Future", uhh, I think not.  Now these are the "Lights of Christmases Past."

More ways to set up that perfect 70s hideaway.

Nothing said 70s elegance quite like the bean bag chairs!

Nope, nothing!

Tired to passively listening to records?  Well then, you can start your own music group - all right out of the Christmas catalogs.  I wonder how many neighborhood garage bands got their start on December 25th back then?

Even in Germany, they could outfit their home in that special 70s grooviness.  However, I can't recall anyone who had those white cabinets.

After all the Christmas gifts were unwrapped, mom and dad needed their place to unwind from the hectic holiday season (and escape the newly formed garage rock bands).  Note the extra deep, goldenrod shag carpeting!

We started this post with Kathy and a storage box and that's how we'll end it.  Those clever 70s engineers even thought of making those storage boxes double as game boards!


(1) For all of you younger readers of this blog, records where large, flat circular sound storage devices.  One needed something called a "turntable" to activate the sounds.  It was the main way recorded music was bought and sold.  Barbaric, I know, almost stone age technology compared to today.

(2) A number of these pics are from VoicesOfEastAnglia blog.  Thanks!

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