Monday, November 16, 2015

The Big Book Catalog Series (Part 8) - 1976b

Ahh yes, 1976.  It was a year right on the edge of the disco craze.  But from the looks of the fashions in the two of the main Big Book catalogs, you wouldn't know it.

JCPenney and Sears were two of the mainline, middle America retailers of the era.  Did they see disco coming?

 Nah, they were still stuck in the earth tone phase of the middle 70s.  The hoodie on Kathy is nice.

No sign of disco!

Pretty standard stuff here.  Karen, Kay, and Wendy look great and all, but that's not disco fashion at all!

Is this a little bit more in the disco spirit?  Nah, just more Random Weirdness from the 70s.

More earth tone drabness from the 70s.  Saturday Night Fever hasn't taken the country by storm yet! And yes, that is my favorite Mystery Model.

Yawn.  More of the same.  From this catalog it appears as if fashions of the 70s were really, really dull.

Perhaps Sears can liven things up.
Kathy's smile is dazzling, but the fashions are a bit everyday.

Let's face it.  There is simply no way that any amount of hype can make "medium gray flannel" sound exciting.

Hey! Here some snappy colors. Perhaps we've turned a corner at long last.

The hat on Karen is great.  Still not feeling the disco here.

Ladies I'm very disappointed.  Maybe the guys can help us out?


Nope.  Leisure suits. Shudder!  I guess that people in 1976 simply had no idea of the fashion nightmare that was just around the corner with disco!


  1. Great post. Kathy looks adorable in the hoodie! I remember pouring over these catalogs for hours and hours when I was growing up. Thanks so much for sharing these pix.
    xx, Kristi

    1. I agree. Kathy could make anything look great! Really glad you enjoyed the post!