Monday, November 30, 2015

Random Weirdness: Bodysuits! Part 8

And what does every bodysuit need?  Well, some bodies.  And not just any bodies, THESE bodies...

Gulp!  Not much more needs to be said here.  Karen and Kathy show us that they are not just any bodies, they are the some bodies that these bodysuits were made for!  (1) (2)

Having barely recovered from the first pic, I'm not sure I'm ready for this "Jungle-Printed Daything." I've never heard of a "Daything,"  Is that a "some" thing that goes with "any" thing or "no" thing? Seriously, Randee Hagee is definitely some body, not just a no body, and certainly her body suits that bodysuit fabulously (Groan.) 

Okay, instead of bodysuits, now we have bodyshirts and from the Aldens Bodyshirt Boutique no less. So I'll have to cool it with the whole play on words deal.  I mean what could I do with the word "shirt?"  By the way, Dottie is certainly no redshirt freshman when it comes to this bodysuit thing!

Aldens may have had the bodyshirt boutique, but Sears had the Body Suit Shop.  And here we have our favorite Mystery Model who is somebody, does anybody out there know her name?!?

Not to be outdone, Jane Cullen, Pam Anderson, and Pam Erickson (Pam squared?) show how its done, certainly well done, but not over done - also from the Sears Body Suit Shop!!

Attention everybody out there.  We didn't start this post with just anybody.  No we began with Kathy and Karen, and that's how we'll end it (along with our other favorite Mystery Model.)  These some bodies are showing us the Top Fashion for Every Body.  Which , of course, are bodysuits!! (3)


(1) Pic courtesy of Blue Senshi.  Thanks!

(2) This pic is from a sales circular.  There were some real gems in those things!

(3) Two five star pics of Kathy in bodysuits in one post!  You're welcome.


  1. I know her first name is Laura but I will look on the 79 head shot list from Ford

    1. Thanks! That at least gives me a clue.

  2. Her name is Laura Jones and if you google Linda Morand you can go to her facebook page and in 2014 she did the headsheets for 1977 Williamena and and 1979 Ford models

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  4. Your mystery model's name is Donna Adler. She was a Ford Model in the 1970's.

    1. Chip, thanks. I assume you are talking about the second mystery model in the last photo to the right of Kathy. A quick Google shows that she passed away in 2009. If that is the case, then that so very sad. It seems so many of the models of that era have already left us. She was one of my faves - seemed like the girl next door

    2. The model in the photo above with Dottie Harris is Joan McMonagle. The one on The Body Suit Shop page is Laura Jones. Donna Adler is the model in the yellow body suit in the photo with Kathy and Karen.

      I did not know that Donna Adler died. Please post a link to the article. I did, however, know that Karen Bruun Danser passed away in 2010. So sad.

      Does anyone know what has become of Kathy Loghry? I spoke with Karen Bruun's daughters, Jamie and Anna, not long after Karen died and they told me that Kathy and Karen had remained in contact with each other. At that time, Kathy was living in Virginia, I believe.

    3. Chip, here is a link. The pic looks like her and it mentions modeling so I assume it's her.

      As far as Kathy goes, I haven't had any contact with her except for an e-mail right after I started the blog. However I had my doubts it was actually her. I tried to reply but it was a no-reply account.