Monday, December 21, 2015

Christmas Time is Couples Time - Part 10!!

Sure the kiddos of the 70s tore through those Christmas catalogs with gusto lining up all the toys that they wanted form "Santa."  But what about the adults?  Were they left out of the festive holiday fun? No, no, no.  Those Wishbook catalogs had something for them too - his 'n her coordinated fashions!!

If there is one word for timeless Christmas fashions it's "sweaters."  And here not only do we have the classic V neck style, but with mod pointy collar shirts to boot!  Hmmmm, the guy in the lower left seems a bit lonely. maybe it is because that sweater style just doesn't get the girl (even back in the 70s.)

Yep sweaters with hoodies and matching plaid shirts - that will turn heads this holiday season!

Okay, okay I get it.  Not only is  Christmas Time is Couples Time must mean it's Sweater Time as well!!

A closeup of Kathy sans guy.  Yeah I cut him out of the closeup.

Can anything break the sweater death grip of Christmas time on his 'n her coordinates?
Well this is a start.  We have a mix of the classic pullovers.  And Colleen livens things up with turtle accented jean bell bottoms.  Hmmm, looks like the guy's jeans are a wee bit on the short side if you ask me!

The sweaters finally give way to the Plushy pile velour (complete with sip up front) and velvet corduroy shirts.  maybe that's just a little TOO much 70s!!

Yes Christmas time is where couples dress up alike and share ...........Uh, wait a minute here!  Looks like our gal is getting more than a little jealous over the attention that "her" man is giving to his new, ahem, friend.  And if I were her, I'd be worried too with fashions named "The Hot Firefighter" and "The Unique Longhorn"

We can't end on that note!!
Back to Kathy and the His 'n Her Christmas Sweaters.  Unfortunately, it is in black and white.  Why, oh why did Aldens have to ruin such a great pic like that?!?!?

Still I'm not going to let that dampen MY Christmas spirit.  In fact I'm inspired to pull out some of my sweaters from Christmases Past (on second thought, maybe not.)

Merry Christmas to all my readers!

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