Monday, January 11, 2016

The Big Book Catalog Series - Part 8 1971 Revisited!!

Wait!! What the heck?  We already did the 1971 Big Books in previous posts, so what gives?? Well, some how I - you're humble blogger - maybe a horrible and tragic mistake.  Yes, I know, I know "how can this be?!?!"   Well some how when we did the Big Book Catalog posts of 1971, I did the JCP SS version TWICE and left out the FW version altogether.  Well that just will not do!!  Not with all the grooviness that we can find from that tome!!!

Let's see, one, two, three, FOUR gals to one guy - how do I get a gig like that!!

"The New Fashion  Fun!" Yep, the early 70s were a time of fashion turmoil.  Caught between the hippie 60s and the disco craze of the late 70s, the early 70s searched for  the next big thing.  So one sees a mix of 60s and, ah, well something else.....

Nice closeup of Kathy especially with the button up, pointy collar tunic!!

Yeah, not sure what's happening here - definitely not 60s but not disco either.  Still it's pretty groovy if you ask me!

There's  a hint of late 70s disco here, but there's also a late 60s groove going on also.  The 60s were not going softly into that good night!!

But wait!! Just when you thought the early 70s were going into some kinda of post 60s commune kumbaya, along come some bright Navy gold colors to spice things up!!!

Yep, the early 70s fashions just didn't know where to go.  Now we see peasant dresses and some sort of knickers.  Disco is still off in the distant horizon......

We've explored the relationship between JCP and Mary Quaint before.  Still these are some pretty happening threads!

Everyone is stepping out to the beat of the music.  It's just not disco music - yet.  If they only knew.....

Not sure what the guy is doing here.  Maybe he is Penny's version of the Spiegel Magic Man! (1)

Kathy and Karen give a sampling of some of the fashion direction(s) of that time.  However, they could make anything look groovy.

Yep, "Just Like the Good Old Days" for sure.  Of course, now the early 70s are the "good old days."  Life moves on.


(1) For those of you who are not familiar wuth The Spiegel Magic Man, check him out here....


  1. Do you know the names of any of the other models besides Kathy on the catalog cover? Great topic!

    1. Actually I don't think that Kathy isn't on the cover of this particular catalog. I think some of the other models that are on the cover include: Joanne Vitelli, Mick Lindberg, and Pia Buggert.

  2. I love you website! Are there any photos of Colleen Corby or Terry Reno in this catalog?

    1. Thanks, I'm glad you enjoy the blog. I don't remember any pics of Colleen Corby in this catalog, but I'll check. I think that there are some pics of Terry Reno. I'll check.

  3. i like the pages of the'71 jc penney catalog where the girls,that obviously included kathy,with top hats and canes and wearing the wayne rogers and mary quant fashions and the nice shoes,socks and boots looked like they were soft shoe tap dancing!

    1. Yeah, those are some groovy photos!