Monday, March 14, 2016

Let it Rain - Part 4!!

It happens every time.  Every single time I plan on a "Let it Rain" post, the skies open up and we get a deluge.  This tim all a did was just change the header pick to a rain theme, and BLAM, we get teh first rain we've had in months.  And it was a flood.  Kinda almost makes one believe in karma.

Well the rain drops don't seem to get Kathy and friends down.  She has the same million dollar smile rain or shine. (This pic courtesy of Blue Senshi.  Thanks!)

Even in the small pic, she still has that dazzling smile!!

For some reason, the Big Books always had the umbrellas with some other random stuff like shawls and purses.  I really can't explain that.

Some more groovy 70s fashions from the Sears "Raindrop Shop."

Well sometimes the purses where with the Springtime coats also.  Colleen in some eye "poplin" yellow along with a multi colored scarf!

Let's not forget about the rain boots!  Wait, those don't look exactly water proof.  But hey!! Sometimes you have to make sacrifices for fashion!  And Karen, Donna, and Kathy can certainly chase away any watery worries!!

Some more eye "poplin" 70s weather fashions!  (Okay, I'll stop with the puns, I promise.)

Wait, I'll take that back.  Here we we have more eye "poplin" fashions.  Groan.  Okay, okay, back to the rain fashions.

And what better way to wrap this post up than with Kay, Kathy and friend in some classic short coats along with some groove-tastic boots.  This time the boots look a little ore water proof.  That's good, because I think we're going to get more rain this week!!

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