Monday, March 7, 2016

Let's Get Into Physical (Part 5) - Tennis Time (Part 2)!

Here we pick up on a conversation between a guy and his grandson about tennis in the 70s.  For Part 1 of the story, Check out this link....

And now for Part 2 of the story.


"Well Grandpa, I took your advice and asked a girl out for a tennis 'date'."

"Great son!  How'd it go/"

"Well she thought it was kinda creepy.  I mean.  People don't go out on 'dates' anymore.  That's just weird.  And besides, people don't go outside much anymore.  I mean, why?"

"Son, what could be 'creepy' about playing tennis/"
"Huh, well, yeah, Those guys are a little creepy, but that's not normally what you saw at the tennis center back when I played in the 70s.  I remember the guys being on their best behavior...." (1)

"Take for example, this fine lad with the good posture. See son, if you dress sharp and are polite and respectful, you'll have all kinds of ladies hovering around you!"

"Grandpa, that guy looks like a dork.  And no, dorks don't get the girls.  Besides, I think the blonde is telling him to get lost."

"Son, back then tennis was cool I tell you.  Tennis stars were famous and everyone wanted to buy all the tennis gear that they endorsed in the Big Book catalogs."

"Rod Laver?!? Never heard of him.  Hey, check out those hilarious old school roller skates!!  Man you guys had it rough Grandpa - no cell phones, wooden tennis rackets, and stone age era roller skates.  We got it much better with our cool skate boards!!"

"Son, I'm not too sure about that.  After all the ladies back then still showed a lot of class, no matter what the situation."
"See son, no weird tattoos, piercings, or unnatural hair colors.  All the ladies were elegant and classy.  And the best part about tennis is that the gals wore mini skirts!" (2)

"You got me there Grandpa.  The mini skirts are the one 70s thing that I do wish would make a comeback!  Still I can't imagine tennis being such a big deal."

"Well son it was HUGELY popular for a while.  They even advertised tennis vacations."

"And naturally, all the gals had to be decked out in the latest tennis fashions." (3)

"Even the teen magazines had articles on tennis.  After all the girls had to be ready when the guys asked them out on the tennis dates!  Son, son, what are you doing??  Stop playing with that darn cell phone and pay attention.  You might learn something!"

"Sorry Grandpa. You mean teenagers actually READ magazines??  Geez, that sounds horrible!!"

"And I still can't get over the fact that the guys had to dress like dweebs.  I mean they even wore sleeveless sweaters!!"

"Son you could look macho when playing tennis."
"Uhh, yeah right Grandpa.  Hey, Grandpa, isn't this supposed to be the 'Kathy Loghry Blogspot'?  I mean we've only seen one pic of her so far!"

"Good point son....."

"There, that's much better.  I guess I got so busy trying to convince you that tennis was cool, I forget the best part were the ladies like Kathy!" (2)

"Hey Grandpa, isn't that guy with Kathy staring at her......."

"Ahhh son, that's quite enough, we don't need to go there.  Perhaps that's enough about the good old days when tennis was cool.  Until next time........"


(1) Yeah I know that this pic is a re-post from an earlier post, but it just fit the story line so well I couldn't resist.

(2) This pic is courtesy of Blue Senshi.  Thanks!

(3)  Be sure to check out the gals in the lower right.  I think one of them could be Jayne Modean.  I zoomed in to find out, but couldn't make a positive ID.


  1. The Tennis Boom days. Even little villages in Nebraska were building tennis courts. Balls went from white to yellow and rackets from wood to metal. Chris Evert, Jimmy Connors, Bjorn Borg, and Ilie Nastase flipping the bird. The Battle of the Sexes: Billie Jean vs. Riggs in the Astrodome. Tennis on the tube every weekend on free TV. And our favorite models with tennis outfits.

    1. Yeah we had tennis courts popping up everywhere in Oklahoma too. It seemed like every little town was building a new tennis center, and even some of the farms had them! It was kind of status symbol like a swimming pool. So what the heck happened to tennis?

  2. On the possible Jayne Modean pic, I'm going to say no, it's not her. But whoever she is, she is very pretty.