Monday, February 29, 2016

K Club Special - Part 24 Barbara Elliot!!

If you liked your 70s catalog models brunette and cute, you needed to look no farther than Barbara Elliot.
Yeah, there's a whole lot of cuteness going on here!

Although she was always a favorite, I had no idea what her name was for the longest time.  I finally broke down and bought this issue of Seventeen just for that reason (well that and for the articles, just kidding.)

Let's take a closer look at that small pic of her.....
Very nice!!

Naturally Barbara was a regular in the Big Book catalogs of the 70s......

Here she is pointing the way towards all those groovy dresses from Spiegel!!

And also in Wards!

And again in Wards.

Barbara in a hoodie while chatting to Pat Miles with Kathy in casual repose.  A triple cuteness overload!  I think the cute-o-meter just exploded!!

I imagine that Barbara got her fair share of attention from all the men. However, the guy on the right is kind of creeping me out.  Hey dude, you gotta be a little more cool and laid back about the approach, even if it is a uber-cutie like Barbara!

Unfortunately like all good things from the 70s, this post has to draw to a close.  Even Barbara seems a bit sad in this pic (despite the groovy red hat!)  Well not to worry, Barbara will continue to appear in various posts in the blog for a long time to come.  After all, the blondes like Kathy and Karen are great, but let's not forget about the cute brunettes!

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