Monday, February 15, 2016

That's So 70s - The Long Look, Part 2!

Call it the maxi or the full length or whatever, the long dresses definitely made a comeback in the late 70s.

The look is long and elegant, perfect for a night out on the town (non-disco style of course.)  Kathy and Pam show us how to the wear the maxis with style.

By the late 70s, the minis were gone (sigh), and the long dresses were back in style.
All I can say is "That's So 70s."

It began in the middle of the decade.  However, one 70s fashion statement that remained was polyester.

Kathy and Barbara looking very elegant here out on the lawn.  One thing about some of these styles is that they look great for a formal ball - in the antebellum South that is!

Naturally, we need to zoom in on the little pics, like here......

...and here.

One place that you would have thought had a bunch of the maxis was Spiegel, and you'd be correct. They may not be minis but they looked very sexy anyway!

A lacy number from Spiegel couldn't be beat!

Of course Penney's had their share of elegant long dress offerings too.  Kay and Kathy look ready for an evening out!

Some more Penney's formals.  This time it's Karen and Kathy.

And a closeup is perfect way to end this post.  From the look of these ladies in their maxis, I almost don;t miss the minis....almost.


  1. Kathy always looks so pretty. Thanks so much for sharing these great pics!

    xx, Kristi

  2. Kathy can make anything look cute!

    xx, Kristi

    1. Yes I agree with that statement! And my next post will prove it!

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