Monday, February 22, 2016

Random Weirdness: Gauchos - Part 2!

Gauchos - they're not just for cowboys anymore.  At least they weren't for the fashion craziness of the late 70s.  They hit the Bog Book catalogs big time in 1977 and then quickly faded away (perhaps they weren't suitable for the discotheques?)

Several of our readers have stated that Kathy could make anything look cute.  And this pic of her in the gauchos proves that!  Still, these gauchos are not really in the disco style.

Did I say that gauchos weren't right for the disco?  I stand corrected!  Just make them out of purple velvet and  BAM! you're disco ready!

Gauchos were to hot pants what the maxi was to the mini.  Why, oh why, do that?!?  Pam shows us some flashy striped gauchos while Shelley keeps it hot in the short pants!

Once again we have the contrast of the hot pants versus the gauchos.  I must admit that Kathy made them look good!

Like I said, gauchos in the 70s weren't just for the rodeo.  They came in all styles - even the more formal variety.

Even Spiegel carried them!

Sometimes called split skirts, sometimes they were referred to as boot skirts, and sometimes as culottes.  No matter, they were everywhere for a short period of time.

Gauchos are near and dear to me because they came on the scene when I was a young lad.  Naturally all I could think was "What happened to the minis and hot pants?"

Still the gals looked great in them like here with Shelley in coordinated khaki.

And here in coordinated blues as Kathy and Barbara show us here!  Yep, I may have missed the mini skirt era, but I'll always have those fond memories of the gaucho era!!


  1. You've mentioned it before, but it's great how the old catalogs would actually take pictures of the models outdoors. That photo from Spiegel is the best--it's like they were cruising around until someone said, "Hey! Let's get a shot by that grass fire waiting to happen!"

    1. Yeah, sometimes the background they picked for these shots kind of made you scratch your head. Looking back, it's apparent that they were definitely on a budget for these Big Book catalogs. Perhaps the grass field is supposed to convey a more "country" look for the gauchos.

  2. What a wonderful blog. I just found it. Love seeing these images again, some I recognise. Memories... :)

    1. Thanks so much! I post every Monday, so be sure to check back often!