Monday, February 8, 2016

Sizzlin' By the Shore - Part 8, Bring on Summer!!

Well, it's the dead of Winter, but check the calendar.  Spring Break is only a few short weeks away and after that - Summer!

What better way to sizzle by the shore than with a picnic?  And with two bikini-clad beauties no less!!  Summer can't get here fast enough!

Kathy and Karen certainly appear to be happy that the cold of winter will soon pass away and that summer is just around the corner!

And what better way to wash down a nice picnic lunch on the beach than with a beer?  Especially a Japanese beer served up by Phoebe Cates. (1)

Ahhh, that definitely looks refreshing!

Of course, Phoebe was famous for one of the most iconic swimsuit scenes in cinematic history.
Yeah you thought I was going to post that pic.  Still this is plenty sizzling if you ask me. "Doesn't anyone around here knock anymore?!?"

Before this post really jumps off the deep end (ha, ha, get it?  Jump off the deep end like on a diving board, like in the movie scene? oh never mind), let's get back to the groovy swimwear fashions of the Big Book catalogs.  Very, very nice!!

More "Sizzlin' by the Shore" action in Sears swimsuits.  This time featuring Jane Cullen and friend. Yep, the bikinis are nice, but the one pieces could sizzle too!

The maillots look great - especially when Jane and Jayne wore them!!  Talk about turning up the heat to sizzling levels!!

Whether in two piece or one piece suits, Kathy and Karen could always bring some sizzling action to the beach in swimsuits from Sears!!

More proof that the one piece suit could definitely add some eye-catching heat to the beach!  This body hugging number is from Sears in the early 80s.

Speaking of eye-catching!  I'm not sure if it was the Japanese beer, the hot summer sun, or a combination of the two, but Phoebe seems to have finally flipped out!  She has taken "Sizzlin' by the Shore" to a whole other level!!


(1) All of the pics in this post, except for the first two, are courtesy of JJ's Playhouse.  Thanks!!

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