Monday, March 28, 2016

Big Book Catalog Series - Part 10, Sears Spring / Summer 1976

Forty years ago this Spring, America was getting ready to celebrate its 200th birthday - the bicentennial. Despite being  quite an opportunity  for a big blow out celebration, the nation's attitude was much more subdued on patriotic things compared to today.

So how did the Big Books handle this?  Well, there is surprisingly few references to the bicentennial overall.  And when there are, it was really lame.  For example, check out the cover of the Sears SS catalog....

Yeah, there's an American flag and all, but let's face it.  Overall it's pretty muted with a focus on heritage, family, etc. and not on the "rah, rah, USA! USA!" stuff.

And for the fashions, Sears decided to do a series of  "Fashion '76 Salutes" of American designers. Let's check it out....
No red, white and blue here! Nope, just "peachy" 70s fashions!

More peach!  Not exactly feeling the "Spirit of '76" here.

Joanne and Laura show us the "easy dress".  Hmmm, better not go there, let's move on.......

Oh great.  Now with the "Big Tops."  They're really making it hard for me to stay focused on the bicentennial spirit here.

Nothing said 70s catalog fashions like coordinates.  It was all about comfort and convenience.

Finally we have an appearance by Kathy!  I know that normally I have a pic of her first, but I made an exception in this case.  Still she looks great with Colleen and friend in front of that rustic looking building.  Looks like somehow Karen got left on the other page by herself looking in.

Hey, how did that guy score both Kathy and Colleen? And Karen is still on outside looking in!!

Ahh, a more Springtime looking scene, complete with the country church in the background!  After all nothing says American patriotism more than "calico!"

So the calico doesn't get your Spirit of '76 blood pumping.  Well then how about "chino?"

Finally, some red, white, and blue!! And in "Sports Separates" no less.  I'm finally starting to feel the patriotic spirit!!

Not sure how this ties into the bicentennial, but it's a good way to end this series and this post. Joanne, Laura, and the other models of the Big Book catalogs of the 76 certainly were "Charmers" indeed!!  I'm certainly ready for the big 4th of July celebration now!

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