Monday, April 4, 2016

That's So 70s - Spring Dresses! Part 2

Ahh, Springtime!  It's that special time of year when Winter gives way and everything becomes new again.  And with all the fields and trees turning green and the flowers blooming everywhere, there was one other thing that marked the arrival of Spring - all the young ladies in their springtime dresses!

Yeah I know.  This is somewhat a re-post from the second post of this blog.  However all I had then was the pic of Kathy and Colleen in the lower left.  Thanks to Blue Senshi, we have the rest of it now!

That deserves a closeup....
Why oh why did it take me this long to do a post on the subject again?

Dottie and Shelley show us some classic dresses from Sears.

Karen, Kay, and Kathy are definitely some really good "Fashion Finds."  Wait, I think they are talking about the dresses.

In that second post, Incorrectly called these types of dresses "sundresses" because I didn't know any better.  I stand corrected!  However, the dress that Kay is wearing in the upper left could qualify.

Spring dresses put a smile on everyone's face.  Even Colleen can't resist a big smile here!

Twice the Kathy and twice the Colleen showing us the real "Softer Side of Sears."  Wait, I do believe that we have a third pic of Kathy here....

Very nice!!

Speaking of soft and feminine, Pat, Kathy, and Barbara show us the iconic picture of Spring - three gorgeous gals in beautiful dresses posing in a park setting.  Truly a dream come true!!

And whatever happened to scenes like this?  It seems to me that one doesn't see fashions like this as much anymore.  Truly we need these styles to return again!!


  1. I like to see different kind of dresses that women wear. I find them cute and elegant while wearing it.

  2. Yes, cute is the key word. That they were!!

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