Monday, April 25, 2016

That's So 70s: Say Yes to the Dress - Part 4!!

And what I mean by THE dress is, of course, is THE perfect wedding dress for THE perfect wedding day that gals dream about since they are, oh say, three years old.

Which to us guys is all a but strange, since guys typically start thinking about their wedding day, oh say, the morning of the wedding!!

But as we all know, it's all about THE dress........

So even in the 70s, the wedding dresses tended to the more traditional.  Hmmm, these dresses don't look like they came from a Sears catalog. What's up with that? (1)

And the thing that catches guys by surprise is the all the planning involved.  The guy thinks "Hey, yeah, getting married sounds cool, how about next month. What's the big deal?", while the gal is thinking a year out and has ten million details to think about.
So many questions have to answered before the big day.  For example, now that this gal has the perfect wedding dress picked out, she has to decide which guy to marry.  Yes, guys that's the ugly truth: you're a secondary concern to everything else.

Basically guys, you're lucky if you rank above the china on the planning priorities!!

Another interesting question from our prospective bride-to-be "There are so many beauties out there. How can my fiance be sure he's made the right choice?"  Well, it looks to me like he has made three very good choices.  It's just that none of them includes you...

We got a little off subject there, back to the dresses...



And "Yawn"

Sorry, I'm a guy and this is getting a little old, let's spice up this post!
More questions for our young 70s bride.  "Should we consummate the relationship before the ceremony?" followed immediately by "What if my fiance changes his mind?"  The answer to question number 2 probably depends on how question number 1 turns out!  And if you have to consult a "manual for married couples", then I doubt question number 1 is going to turn out that great.  

More pressing questions from our worrying bride-to-be: "What if my fiance decides he doesn't want to tie the knot?"  Well, there are other forms of restraints......oh, she meant the guy changing his mind about getting married, oh well never mind, my bad.  Next question: "We're planning to have children.  Can you help?"  Sure, gladly, always willing to step in and "pitch hit" so-to-speak.  Oh, she meant to have children in the ceremony!  Oh, my bad again.

Kay appears less than amused by my clever witticisms.  Yes, yes, I know, just stick with the dresses.

And let's not forget about the all important bridesmaid dresses!!  Yes, the goal here ladies is to make YOU  look as good as possible by dressing up your wedding party in the goofiest looking formals available.

You doubt me.....
I rest my case.  However, this bride's scheme may not work too well here.  It's hard to outshine Kathy, no matter what. (1)

So after everything, the plans, the dresses, the decisions, where's the big payoff?
"Ahhh, now this is more like it!!" say all the guys.  "Hey there you two, let's keep it clean.  This is a PG rated blog after all.  Get a room!"   Oh, you already have a room, my bad again.


(1) These pics thanks to Blue Senshi.  They are from a bridal magazine dated 1982.  Which is the latest pics of Kathy's career that I have been able to acquire.


  1. "We're planning to have children, can you help?"

    " how?"

    Too funny. Were there more pages to the Q&A guide to getting married, and can I steal that last page with the children question to share to the Go Retro Facebook page? I'll also share the link to this post and give you credit.

    1. Pam, sure not a problem. I appreciate it! And I think there are some more pages to this "guide".

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