Monday, April 18, 2016

That's So 70s: Footwear!!

Of course shoes, boots, sandals, etc.  were part of every fashion ensemble of the 70s.  But the Big Book catalogs always had a SPECIAL section, just for them.

Usually that semitone was all shoes, but occasionally one of our favorite models would make an appearance such as Kathy here.

And clogs just screamed; "That's so 70s!"

Kathy shows us how to match the grooviest 70s footwear fashions with the purse!! (Pic courtesy of Blue Senshi)

Speaking of purses with shoes......

You're probably thinking "Hey, weren't boots popular back then?"

"These boots are made for walking..."   Yes they were.  And Kathy is the perfect model to show us how!!

Very nice indeed!

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