Monday, April 11, 2016

Random Weirdness: Bodysuits (Part 9) The Knits!!

Let's beat the Monday blues with some bodysuits that'll be sure to put a smile on your face!  And what better way than to focus on the knit bodysuits!!

And Kathy is all smiles here in some rib-knit bodysuits from JCP!!  And I must say that those are some fine looking ribs!  My Monday is starting to look better already!

More smiles from Mick Lindberg and another yellow knit bodysuit!!  Yep, maybe this Monday will be bearable!

Not only are these bodysuits in comfortable knit, they are versatile also.  Everything from dancing to biking to tennis, there's nothing that one couldn't in bodysuits!!

Karen shows us some "Super Team-Ups" from wards.  No matter what you call them, those knit bodysuits could be worn with anything. (1)

More knit bodysuits!! Well they aren't all knits, but if one is called a "knit", then that's good enough for me!!

As here.  Although Kathy's bodysuits are officially "knit",  I don't think anyone will quibble. (1)

Yep, the Monday blues hare gone to be replaced with some red hot bodysuit knits!!  I think I'll be able to make it the rest of the week!! (1)


(1) Pics are courtesy of Blue Senshi.  Thanks!


  1. That top pic is a real find. It's a shame those little sales flyers are so poorly printed.

    1. Yep it's a shame because I've found a few really nice pics in them. They also age faster than the regular catalogs and that's saying something!!

  2. Great photos. For a while in the '90s I had a couple of bodysuits from Victoria's Secret that I loved -- before low-rise jeans created the trend of tops being worn untucked, there was nothing better for keeping your top smoothly tucked into your higher-waisted pants. There were just two downsides...going to the bathroom was a pain (I remember one of my tops came with snaps in the crotch) and in the summer they were too hot because it was like wearing two pairs of panties...ha ha.

    1. Yeah I always wondered about that!! Still the 70s bodysuits are great to look back on!

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