Monday, May 2, 2016

That's So 70s: Great Expectations - Part 5!

"Ah ha" I'm sure you're saying to yourself. "How very clever of you to followup a post about 70s wedding fashions with 70s maternity fashions".  Yes, yes very clever of me indeed!  Because as we all know, one FIRST gets married and THEN has the baby.

Or is it the other way around? no matter, let's check out how ladies managed maternity in the 70s!

I guess they had maternity formals?? It sure looks like it here as Kathy is dress to the nines in this maternity dress from Spiegel.  She even has pearls!  (1)

From formal to causal maternity wear, the Big Book catalogs had you covered in the snazziest 70s styles. (2)  You have to love the caption: Order your normal size, we allow for expansion. (2)

As we saw last week, young people of the 70s loved to consult manuals for everything.  This was, after all, before the internet so info on such matters was harder to come by.  Let's check out some instructions that a 70s mom received from her doctor......

Actually these are the rules for husbands.  Note that they used the term husbands, not fathers. (3)

Page 2 is where it gets interesting.  Here we find out that husbands will be required to leave at various times.  He should be prepared to do so "promptly."  Also he is not allowed to bring food into the room (can't disagree with that one.)

Again, in point 11, he is reminded to leave the room "promptly" if ordered.  And the again okay, okay, I get the message already.  This doc wasn't a big fan of the fathers, err, I meant husbands

But the kicker is point 12: Smoking is strictly forbidden.  Good, agree.  Except for the qualifier: "This is due to the presence of Explosive Gases."

"Hmmm, my manual doesn't mention anything about explosive gases." (4)

So much for manuals, back to the maternity wear.....
"For those busy, fashionable days"  Yes of course, fashion is the most important thing during this time.  From the giant collars on Kathy's outfit to the giant ties on the two outfits on the right, these fashions certainly scream: That's Sooooo 70s....

You thought Kathy was cute in the previous pic, check this one out!!  Man, these maternity outfits are groovy!!

I have no idea why I included this pic.

...or this one.  Am I running out of witty commentary to add??!?

Nah, I just I need to consult the manual for a few more ideas like this model is doing!!  "Hmmm, still nothing in here about explosive gases."


(1) Some of my curious readers may wonder which models are in the top part that got their heads cut off.  Well, those have already been used in previous post!

(2) yes I checked.  All the gals are wearing wedding rings......or deftly hiding their left hand!!

(3) These pics are  re-blogged from BubHub.

(4) Yeah, I have a problem with my scanner (white line down the side.) I've been researching how oto fix it to no avail.

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  1. It sounds like they would have allowed smoking in the delivery room if it wasn't for the explosive gases. Amazing. :-(